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  1. I was completely prepared to be unimpressed, but I’m happy to say I had the opposite reaction. It’s not perfect, but as you said, it’s very difficult to properly imitated Elvis, and he comes very close. It’s the velvety smoothness that generally eludes people, and this kid is right in the pocket. Of course, for Alan to say that he’s better than Elvis just shows that he’s on too many prescription medications.

  2. Because I can’t see Flash videos in my Linux until they offer an updated plug-in, I just found this one when looking up David Thibault in YouTube and I enjoyed this one:

    Ellen is always enjoyable to watch and this is no exception. His “Elvis velvety smooth tone” is remarkably close although just a bit exaggerated (but still hugely enjoyable to listen to).

    “Close your eyes and Elvis is in the building”

    Well, somewhat ….. I’d rather close my eyes when the real Elvis sings his smooth tones (and he perfected these in the late 60s with his much better slower songs) because I much prefer to see David Thibault while listening to him sing his songs.

  3. Better than Elvis? Seriously? Not by a long shot. I also don’t remember Elvis ever singing with a french accent.
    But, I think this kid could definitely make a decent living in Vegas.

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