Netflix’ very queer teen drama Élite gets a second season

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Élite, Netflix’s latest and gayest original teen drama, has just been renewed for a second season. The show follows the students of Las Encinas, a Spanish high school for the country’s wealthiest teens. But when the school on the poor side of town collapses, three students get scholarships to Las Encinas and their presence ignites a train of events that ultimately results in murder.

Viewers have been pleasantly surprised by the unexpectedly queer series. Élite boasts two gay characters, a few bisexuals, polyamory, and even a plotline destigmatising HIV. Combine that with the high stakes of teen drama, a beautiful cast, and a murder mystery, it’s no wonder the show’s garnered such an enthusiastic fan base.

Élite is streaming on Netflix now

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  1. More 28-year-old teens. No thanks. But hopefully others, especially young people, will enjoy and relate to them.

    1. Yeah they seem to all be 22 or older. Average about 25. Some would rather study for a PhD by now, or have a job. None should be at high school, except as teachers.

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