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  1. I agree with John.

    What I disagree with is the title of this blog: Dumbledore Vs BRITISH Homophobia. The homophobia in the Fantastic Beasts franchise is more to do with the US producers, Warner Bros, than the British author.

    Over the past 3 years the great British children’s TV series, Doctor Who, had an openly gay Doctor’s companion, Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. And I don’t remember any major outcry about her character.

  2. The hostess is a pain to listen to. Slow down, speak clearly, smooth out your video.

  3. a) I do not give a flying fuck about this topic
    b) BRITISH homophobia? Give me a break. We actually don’t care here.
    c) Section 28 was repealed years ago. Live in the present!
    d) She is impossible to listen to. I am about to turn the sound track off as soon as I finish typing
    e) I rather detest this piece anyway. It’s a whine.

  4. I agree that she’s a fast speaker, but what she says is quite good and true. She’s pointing out an insight into this matter that isn’t often addressed publicly — which it should be.

    Google: “homophobia in U.K. today” and the first page is filled with explicit proof of U.K.’s homophobia (I won’t even go into America’s — it’s so much worse).

    Good for this girl to bring up this subject. I applaud her.

  5. well yes, as sean said, we had the queer characters bill and her watery friend in dr who quite recently

    we also had captain jack and his boyfriend, the lovely ianto, in torchwood, the earlier side branch in that franchise – captain jack first popped up in 2005, i think

    we had gay characters in byker grove and grange hill

    we had kenneth williams reading stories on jackanory and a very camp skeleton in super-ted

    we have had gay and trans characters in the just post kids tv show hollyoaks

    we have in one way or another had gay characters in kid shows on british telly for half a century at least, un/acknowledged and accepted

    section 28 was a very stupid piece of legislation and it did have a very bad effect but it didn’t, i think, result in a single prosecution

    we are by no means perfect, but this is a misfire

    come on young gay brits find out about our history

  6. section 28 was a stupid bit of legislation cos its not actually possible to promote homosexuality as such

    you either are or you aren’t

    you can promote the idea of homosexual rights/liberation, or you can promote the locking up of homosexuals, which the police here were quite happy to do until well into the early 2000s, despite homosexuality supposedly having been legalised in 1967

    but gay characters in a children’s book and movie franchise, well you know the movies…

    (not a gay person in hollywood, no way, no never, officer)

    i mean did you ever wonder about the sexuality of your headteacher when you were nine years old – as harry and his friends were in the first book

    i imagine probably not…

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