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This is going to be a shock for many of you but, as much as it pains me to tell you, the unthinkable happened: Donald Trump lied. No one saw that coming. During his campaign he assured the LGBT community that he would fight for them but now that he is in office he seems to rather fight them. Trump’s administration this week rescinded federal guidelines put in place last year by Obama to protect transgender students at school – including when it comes to using the bathroom. Supposedly out of fear that trans kids are just pretending to be transgender so they grab other kids by the genitals–something that literally never happened, not even once. But you know who grabbed other people down there without their consent? Yup…


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    1. Anyways the LGBT “community” has broken apart into fragments. Trump speaks naively as if it is a cohesive constituency the way it used to be.

      1. @horsey:
        This is an issue for the States to resolve as they will, either by legislation or initiative and referendum.”

        No, it isn’t. AGAIN, you demonstrate your total “conservative” stupidity. It is a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE which is ALWAYS a Federal issue — that’s why we have Constitutional Amendments to resolve ALL civil rights issues. That’s why civil rights issues nearly always end up in the Supreme Court — to be interpreted on a NATIONAL level — away from the States.

        horsey, why is it your ilk will NEVER attempt to learn FACTS?

      1. Everybody knows how I feel about transgenders so I won’t belabor the point again. For this round, I’ll keep this issue confined to the “legal” arena.

        This is an issue for the States to resolve as they will, either by legislation or initiative and referendum. President Obama’s threatening letter to the schools was an abuse of presidential power. Even if I supported its cause, the manner of it is so egregious that it must be rescinded if we are ever to be a “nation of laws, not of men.”

        Deciding bathroom policy is not a Constitutionally granted prerogative of the federal government, certainly not of the executive branch, thus, according to the 10th Amendment, that power is “reserved to the states, or the people.” It would take quite a gyroscope to generate the necessary spin to include this issue under the 4th Amendment guarantee of being “secure in our persons and papers.” However, that never stopped Congress from passing laws pushing its Constitutional envelope; if the House and Senate passed a bathroom bill, and the President signed it into law, its legality would surely have to resolved by the Supreme Court.

        1. @Horselips

          “”Everybody knows how I feel about transgenders so I won’t belabor the point again. “”

          Well, I will belabor again so I can make an important point.

          Now here is some back history. Way back in 2015 I made a statement about having cancer and Penboy had still gone after me while you defended me. For that I am grateful. Now I can happily say that I’m a cancer survivor. It took an operation that lasted over 10 hours to save me. Each time I see an ad on TV about cancer it just doesn’t have the same impact on me as it did before. Now it’s even worse because, this time, the person on the screen was me. Anyway,thank you for standing up for me.

          Now the real point I want to make. I’m gay. Not fluff or pink or tutu wearing. No one knows I am gay unless it becomes the topic. My point? You simply offer no support for transgenders. In fact you go out of the way to demean them. You can’t even accept that they are normal, just like gays or straights are. I honestly fear what transgenders think of this site when they read your comments about them.

          After that Penboy “event” I simply stopped posting for a long time. After all this time I was hoping that you would change your mind about transgenders, but no, you still are the same. I would even put you on the level of a Jerry Falwell when it comes to how you see them. So, this will be my last post for a very long time. Yes, I will read from time to time but that will be just about it.

          I’m open minded, I accept any kind of sexual orientation as simply an other flavor of human sexuality. I simply can’t be or want to be as closed minded as you are. In fact I refuse to. Sorry but that is how I see this.

          1. Don’t let a blowhard, know nothing, retard disenfranchise you.

            All this bullying and bluster is the last kicks of a dying regime.

            The Union will soon split asunder and the bible clutching, gun toting backwoodsmen will slide into the slime from which they were spawned.

          2. In July of this year, if I make it, it will be five years, and I too will be considered a cancer “survivor.”

          3. @Dan:
            “Way back in 2015 I made a statement about having cancer and Penboy had still gone after me”

            Let’s put this into correct context. I NEVER “went after you” BECAUSE you had cancer, I would never do that. The proper context was RELIGION, as I remember it. And all I did was to insinuate that your cancer had no play with your method of thinking, it was in no way against your health. I simply won’t allow a person’s physical health as an excuse for obvious improper thinking.

            I’m happy that you survived and I’ll assume (and hope) you’re getting better.

        2. @Horselips – By that same reasoning, let the states decide for themselves about slavery and segregation too. Be assured that this is not a bathroom issue, it is about discrimination, so states don’t have a say in the matter, they require federal legislation.

          The Constitution is like the Bible, people don’t have to take it literally, like this part about power to the states, to rule everything in your daily life.

          Are you aware that the Tenth Amendment is just one single sentence: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          Do you know that the word “expressly” was removed from the original “expressly delegated” precisely to leave some interpretation room for dealing with any issue that could arise in the future and that could not be planned by a single sentence written in 1789, the year of the French Revolution? Talking about France, do you know that the French republic underwent several constitutional revisions to adapt to local and world politics and economy? France has been living under the “Fifth Republic” for the past 58 years.

          There are many such parts of the Constitution that sorely need amendments for a true modern country, instead of sticking to the letter to a 200 year old text. That does not mean losing the spirit of the original Constitution. Even small things like different tax rates make it a nightmare to do proper business across states, especially now with web sites that don’t just sell locally, like drugstores or trading posts used to.

          Or why a kid should have a different education than other states’ kids because some state education board decided so? It is supposed to be the same country and “United” at some stage, this is a fundamental part of the Constitution too.

          But I will agree that Obama didn’t do the right thing there. As I remember, there is some legal provision that allows the new POTUS to challenge rushed decisions made in the last few months of the old President’s mandate. This was of course to prevent some forms of corruptions or to undo some problematic decisions forced onto the next President, so it makes sense that such recent legislation can be revoked. Unfortunately the Constitution didn’t plan for any baboon, sorry, orangutan, to issue one dumb executive order after the other. Obama should have dealt with LGBT issues such as this one or equal marriage in his first mandate.

          I already watched Seth Meyer yesterday, it is amazing how many of these one-man shows all are against Trump, it’s like all these shows from different persons are a single one-man show, a Meyers-Maher-Colbert-Oliver-Noah-Fallon show, like they are all in it together for some reason. It makes one wonder if the reason could be Trump himself… ;)

          You know it’s bad when even Fox News criticizes Trump for replacing ISIS with the “fake media” as the main enemy of the country.

        3. “Deciding bathroom policy is not a Constitutionally granted prerogative of the federal government.”

          Absolutely, just like it wasn’t the federal government’s place to tell the states who could use what bathroom back in 1964. Nor tell the states who could use which drinking fountain, which diner you could eat in, where you could live. Damn government, always getting involved in what should be the State’s Rights.

        4. Ya know Horsemouse, I mean Mr. Bunker, if everyone were forced to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate, you’d see a lot of people who look like men using the women’s bathroom, and a lot of people who look like women using the men’s bathroom. That would cause a lot of confusion…

        5. No, equal protection under the law is a constitutional issue. The right of a person to use the bathroom consistent with their gender is a basic human right, protected by the constitution. That is why we have a republic, not a democracy. Your basic rights are not up to the whim of the majority.

          The states rights issue is used by the right arbitrarily. A person’s basic rights are a states rights issue but violation of a federal law, marijuana, is not? Why isn’t marijuana a states rights issue.

        6. @Chimel:
          “But I will agree that Obama didn’t do the right thing there.”

          Why? All he issued was considered guidelines, not “law”.

          The ignorant Attorneys General of those states that brought it to court were just wasting their States’ taxpayer money, not accomplishing anything toward any “rights”. This action is 100% guided by hateful and stupid RELIGION — NOTHING ELSE.

          “Obama should have dealt with LGBT issues such as this one or equal marriage in his first mandate.”

          I agree but that tact would have been nigh impossible to do because (and this can be hard for so many to get their minds behind) to provide transgender rights, we first had to acquire “gay rights” [LGBT] because no matter what you think, transgender rights are “under the umbrella” of gay rights.

          And to accomplish this, we first needed to remove that horrid DADT for the military and then acquire equal marriage rights (making DOMA unconstitutional). Without these, America would never see the light of day for transgender rights. DADT was removed at the end of his first term. DOMA was found [correctly] unconstitutional in the middle of his second term. And as we all know, he needed to “evolve” his thinking on these issues. But, as we see he came around very well. No other President has done so much for the LGBT community. So we need to be not only thankful but respectful for what he did accomplish for us.

          1. @Penboy I am thankful, I am just saying he should have started all this DADT/DOMA stuff much earlier while he still had a Congress majority. We would then have had equal marriage and transgender bathroom acceptance long before Trump could legally challenge it in an executive order, like he can’t do for equal marriage.

      2. @Chimel:
        “I am just saying he should have started all this DADT/DOMA stuff much earlier while he still had a Congress majority.”

        You simply do NOT know what is happening in America, politically. At THAT TIME (for DADT), it was a major fight that took OVER ONE YEAR to accomplish. It was a struggle from “day 1.”

        What you probably don’t know (most don’t, particularly outside the USA) is that Obama called his Generals and Military Secretaries into his office and quite literally, demanded of them: I want to remove all LGBT restrictions from the military, and I expect you to comply. If you seriously feel differently, then I’ll accept your resignations by the end of the day/week. [That’s the gist of it.]

        Then he had to put this through Congress, BOTH Houses. That was not an easy thing to do — Clinton tried similar, but was rebuked IMMEDIATELY by the military and he had to SETTLE for DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), which was total bullshit.

        Now, AFTER ALL THAT, he had to tackle marriage equality, since his V.P. put him into a corner by saying that he believes gays should be allowed to marry. Not till after this, did he announce he had “evolved” in his thinking for same-sex marriage and now agrees with it.

        Then he had to start the VERY SLOW CULTURAL wheels turning by telling the Attorney General, i.e., DoJ (Department of Justice) to NOT DEFEND DOMA in any way because it was unconstitutional. When it was FINALLY DECIDED by SCOTUS in 2013 (remember, we’re now into his 2nd term) unconstitutional, and with some “icing on the cake,” SCOTUS ruled (in their typical chicken-shit style) that CA’s Prop 8 was undone because “the Plaintiffs didn’t have standing” which basically sent the case back to the Appeals Court (CA) which ruled it unconstitutional. So, that only answered for the western States, it was not nationally.

        It wasn’t until 2015 that SCOTUS agreed to hear a “true” case of marriage equality and then (amazingly!) decided 5-4 in favor of marriage equality on June 26, 2015. Again, we’re now in the 2nd half of Obama’s 2nd term.

        That’s WHY it took so long. No other President would have pushed so much for full 100% equality for gays (well, not quite 100%, because of Federal discrimination statute, but very close).

        “We would then have had equal marriage and transgender bathroom acceptance long before Trump could legally challenge it in an executive order,”

        NO, you don’t understand our government and political system. Without that long and tedius fight for the removal of both DADT and DOMA, “bathroom equality” would have never seen the light of day — and even then, it wasn’t a “law”, but only guidelines for the Education Departments.

        Think twice before you just willy-nilly criticize Obama. He had the courage and patience to stand up to our Military, Congress and put his political career literally on the line.

  1. Trump is not against LGBTQ, He wants to turn these types of issues over to the states. People want less government. This is a start. I don’t agree with everything Trump has said or done. Hes only been in office a month. Give him some time to get things sorted out.

    1. @polemole:
      “He wants to turn these types of issues over to the states. People want less government.”

      This is so ignorant on TWO LEVELS:
      1. There’s no such thing IN AMERICA as “States'” CIVIL RIGHTS — They’re ALWAYS FEDERAL — That’s why we have our Constitution and its Amendments — precisely for CIVIL RIGHTS.

      2. By ‘delegating’ these rights to States, it is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of “less government”. You obviously must be an ignorant Republican that most probably voted for not only the most ignorant President in our history, but also the one who is clearly the most mentally incompetent (and everyday he confirms this).

  2. 🤔Generally it’s a prerequisite to be literate and not a baldfaced liar to be President but since he’s exactly the same liar he was before being elected,(even worse now!) and still politically illiterate any change would be nice but IMHO time will not change Trump, time will only show how truly bad he can really be.
    God Bless 🇺🇸!

    1. “The liar’s punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” ~George Bernard Shaw
      Hmmm, sound like anyone we know?

  3. Some house cleaning before I go away.

    First @Ralph

    “”Ralph United Kingdom
    2017-02-26 at 20:56

    I agree with Horselips on this one but as I am from the UK, it not my business really.””

    Rrrright! It’s not in my back yard, right? Here’s the deal. You are one voice. You say it’s not your business. What you are doing is turning a blind eye and a deaf ear. And to make it even worse now you have decided to be a muted voice. Because it’s not in your back yard. You have made this a “them” problem. Easy to do when you turn your back to “them”, right?

    Opinions from other back yards do count, do make a difference, do have the power to change the course of history, no matter what the “them” is about. Incredibly, your voice can have even more power than a vote because that’s how/why changes happen. Governments can be either saved or toppled by a simple voiced opinion. Take South Africa and Apartheid. The sum of all the voices through out the world forced South Africa to get rid of Apartheid. The same goes for the acceptance of homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation. And, even if it will take time and effort so will it be for transgenders. One voice at a time, no matter where it comes from.

    All this because in your yard you told others that you were gay, that you accepted the LGBT’s goal of full equality and, who knows, made it a reality in your yard. That gets noticed by other yards, see? So simple.


    Yes, it was about religion and politics. But your reply was so hurtful that even Horselips was appalled. Funny thing is that at that moment he and I weren’t exactly on friendly terms when it came to exchange of opinions. Anyway, you were the cause of my walking away.


    I stand by what I said above to you. I fear the reaction of anyone reading your posts while in need of help.

    As for my health, at the moment I’m getting regular CTscans that show me clear of cancer. Have to say I had an incredible surgeon and his team do the almost impossible, Wow is all I can say.

    Finally, walks away with no regrets…

  4. Transgender is the new christianity, bigots are changing one religion for another. Get ready to be sacrificed just because you disagree with a mental disorder.

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