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  1. @jon – well i “saveD the last frame for you” ϋ
    actually *ALL* 140 the frames in fact!
    ↪ Links to all files
    j7iP5V-dFjVZsfhf.mp4 – 1.17 MB (1,235,641 bytes)

    Drop_cute_pile_of_lewd.rar – 56.9 MB (59,718,202 bytes)
    ↪ archive of ALL 140 frames
    and “don’t forget who’s taking you home…”

  2. Clearly he wants to show you his magic wand. I wonder how it compares to the Nimbus 2000? :-)

  3. Believe it or not, that is the size of my Fiance flaccid, except my significant other has slightly bigger balls. He’s 23cm flaccid and 28 cms erect. He 12 inches taller than me at 6 ft 3 in. He’s a big muscled hunk of a Policeman of 28 and I’m a mincing little fairy nurse at 31. God I’m getting old.

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