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  1. You know what would help queer kids? Portraying homosexuality as something normal, that you can be gay without wearing a wig or being fabulous. You can like sports, video-games and get your knees dirty, it is okay, you just love the same gender, thats all. As i said before: This shit isn’t helping gay kids at all!

      1. Sure, it isn’t required, but it shouldn’t be shamed either. And this sort of visibility is important to all of us. If it wasn’t for the loud queens refusing to sit down at Stonewall San Fran wouldn’t be full of “normal” family-minded gays.

        1. markanhamen is less than correct. The Stonewall riots (more than one) are in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, not San Fran. You are further than not correct. The violence is not from nor of any queen. There are the boys, daily and nightly regulars. off the streets, who do any non-cop violence. Boys will be Boys, as he says.

    1. Maevin is not wrong. Making Gay Boys out as femmes is similar to making out Tom Boys as Boys. Boys and Girls know better. There is,regular, average, typical, & normal. There is also weird, odd, queer. abnormal, irregular, & off. Most, but, not all, Boys and Girls are some what aware of differences. Such awareness might include genitalia. Enforcing some normal is absurd.

  2. Normal? You mean conventional, staid, unchanging. It’s the creative people, the different people that dream tomorrow into existence. He doesn’t need more hate, the world is full of it, he needs more support.

    1. Don’t exaggerate
      There’s zero hate here… (unless you’re a practising snowflake… :) )

      Just looking around within my own life — which has covered visits to more than 300 foreign cities and the countries I haven’t visited are far far less than the countries I have — gay guys / boys who are undetectable / straight acting are the huge majority. Too strongly associating gayness with our flamers or girly boys is one of the problems. Certainly, gay people who act out are just the best, bringing fun and colour to a dull world, but I’d rather think a twelve year old hanging upside down in a tree casually saying to his best friend without fear of anything ” I’m gay – how about a kiss? ” is a better goal and should better represent our world.

  3. When you think about it, dressing up in drag is no different than [other] boys dressing up as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, or any other “superhero” or comic character and acting out their characters.

  4. When you think about it, dressing up in drag is not the same as being made to do so. Mother’s make up do try out & do later figure it all as nonsense. Later on, on Halloween, do end up collecting “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” coin and keeping only some honest half the coins, and, it is all sister’s idea. Giff ? Con.? Never even try to dress up as the hero is at the time, ZORROW. All ways dislike drag queens as see them. Other than as entertainers. Dressing up in drag is not the same as dressing up as a girl nor as a woman, neither do ever see “in drag”. .

  5. In the hope to make this more clear, the idea that queer boys as if girls is absurd. DRAG QUEENS are of origin of the military. “Drag” is of a similar sort of origin. The military refuses to allow a train of whores that do historically drag along the soldiers train. The soldier marching makes a train of the drag of whores and horses and food suppliers. drags along the horse and whores & others along. Do you get it ? The older military march and drag along their female queens. The train is what follows the soldiers marching in front, and that way make a train. The “DRAG QUEEN” is of similar origin as the back drag of the bridal gown train. The train following the road behind the male military march and dragging that all behind becomes a new military doctrine prohibiting sex. Defending the train demands too much of the soldiers. Dragging the train is the newer phrase. And becomes a prohibit. Of little use is the phrase “dragging the queen”. EVERY man knows its intent and / or its meaning. — The making of boys as drag queers is absurd.

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