How to douche with a water bottle

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Cleaning up before anal sex can be tricky without the right tools. Luckily, there’s one method that works wherever fine bottled water is sold. Here’s our guide, plus more tips to help you clean out safely.

Hygiene seldom counts more than when you’re about to get a little anal. If you’re settling in for some butt fun, you’ll usually want to make sure everything’s clean and tidy and ready for company. That’s easy enough if you have plenty of time to prepare — you can get a douching kit (or a shower attachment if you’re fancy) and go to town.

But if you’re in a bit of a rush or away from home, you might need to improvise. Fortunately, with just a few supplies, it’s easy enough to clean yourself out with a water bottle. Here’s how.

A note of caution before you proceed: Don’t make this a frequent practice. All forms of douching carry downsides, like a risk of injury and infection, and can also disrupt your electrolyte balance. In extreme causes, it can cause water intoxication — a real condition that can be life-threatening.

Medical experts don’t have a clear-cut answer on how often one can douche safely; some say no more than three times a week and only once in a given day. And if possible, use a tool designed for the process rather than grabbing a water bottle. This article isn’t medical advice; if you have questions about your body, talk to a doctor.

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