Study confirms what we all knew: Guys exaggerate their dick size

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A recent study of Dutch men published in Frontiers in Psychology revealed that the men were likely to exaggerate when asked to self-report traits relevant to masculinity (athleticism, height, weight, and penis size). The greatest exaggeration was erect penis size, which was 21% over the average. When the men were financially compensated well for their time, the magnitude of their exaggeration decreased but was still above average.

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Various physical attributes of men, including their height, physique, and penis size, have been associated with body satisfaction, self-image, feelings of masculinity, and mating success. Although there is no clear consensus on whether women prefer men with larger penises, it is well-established that penis size is seen as a marker of masculinity.

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  1. Seems normal that every man would do this, always want to pump up ones image. I know i’m a solid 7″ and my honey is a solid 8.5-9″.

  2. All these Danes thought they were Dutch? Not surprised they didn’t know how big their dicks were, either! 🤣

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