Homophobes extremely upset over drag kid in Converse ad

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Earlier this week Converse announced that they partnered up with the drag queen Desmond is Amazing for a campaign advertising their new pride sneakers.

Within hours conservative commentators were calling for a boycott of the brand. Some even urged their audience to call Child Protective Services and ask them to investigate Desmond’s parents for child abuse.

“The conservative media is up in arms about Desmond being featured in Converse’s new Pride campaign,” Desmond’s mother said. “They are suggesting that Converse promotes pedophilia.”

The family was investigated by CPS for several months earlier this year because people kept reporting Desmond’s parents every time he made a public appearance. The CPS reports found no abuse or maltreatment.

Meanwhile Desmond said that he is proud to be part of the campaign. “He is spreading the message that it is okay for kids to explore their identity and express themselves, without shame, without hiding.” his mother added.

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  1. “Yeah, we are proud Americans, so we want these Pride Vans and Converse for ourselves,” said homophobes.

  2. Just thinking about Desmond…
    He does look amazing….

    Then I recall I had a brilliant childhood. A small village where everyone knew everyone. Year after year of total freedom. Summer days of mayhem. Kicked out the house at 10am. Endless exploration of the forest. Tarzan swings and den huts. Discovery of fire at age 8. Brilliant! Fishing mania at age 9. (No fish in the river now though.) Fights, smoking and boy gangs. Right up until I was 13 and then Dad bought a yacht… and at age 15 I discovered car engines plus weedkiller sugar bombs……

    Looking at amazing Desmond – and he is. I wonder how much is himself now. Just where do you get kid size clothes like that. Obviously bespoke. Which means adult involvement and adult intervention. Does Desmond never experience utter fear hearing the tree branch crack, plummeting to earth and friends running over? Everyone collapsing in laughter when all is found to be alright.

  3. @ Upi

    Damn, I dare you to write a book, after reading what you wrote about with such eloquence .

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