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Beatrice (Juliette Stevenson and her teenage son Elliot (Alex Lawther,) are preparing for the sale of their vacation home in the south of France.

Elliot struggles with his dawning sexuality and an increasing alienation from his mother. Beatrice in turn is upset over the sale of the house and her crumbling marriage.

When an enigmatic local teenager, Clément, enters their lives, both mother and son are compelled to confront their desires and, finally, each other. Departure is an intimate story beginning at dawn on the first day and ending at night on the sixth, charting the end of a summer, the end of a childhood and the end of an otherwise nuclear, middle class family.


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  1. I actually paid to watch it, rather than piss about looking for it for free.

    was worth the money spent :)

    I found it a very good film.

  2. Just got around to watching this trailer …. and it is so familiar. There was/is a “short” video around 20-30 minutes (if I remember correctly) with this same theme and actors ( I think) on YouTube I watched several months (if not a year) ago.

    I wonder if what I saw was a precursor to this or this is an extended version version of what I saw. Maybe it was some project or teaser?

    Or what I watched was a different (but similar) themed video — it seems like one of them drowned.

  3. What are you on about Penboy …. what a load of utter drabble. The film is new and certainly not the one you dreamed up.

    An awsome film to watch along with ‘Call Me By Your Name’ both highly recommended.

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