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This weekend a 29-year-old American took his legally purchased guns, walked into a packed queer club and killed 50 people. 53 others were injured. His motivation? According to the father of the shooter he was enraged by seeing two men kiss shortly before the attack.

Well, then. Hope you’re watching. Because we have a ton of cute queer couple videos left to post…

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    1. As long as the right to bear arms includes religious nutjobs, racists and people who hear voices/dance with snakes/eat their own shit, then I’m afraid this will always happen. Either better regulate gun sales or abolish the 2nd Amendment. Doing nothing and offering up prayers and condolences is not enough.

      1. I’m afraid it was not gun rights that caused this, 130 were slaughtered in Paris where there is strict gun control.

        It was Islam and the tolerance of such a hateful ideology in the Western world that caused it.

        1. “It was Islam and the tolerance of such a hateful ideology in the Western world that caused it.”

          It was this, pure and simple … and the fact that his parents (owner of that gay club) didn’t properly teach their children what respect means for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. They should be considered for prosecution for aiding and abetting as well — after all, they were the ones primarily brainwashing their kid into that bullshit religion.

          1. Intolerance has many forms: religious intolerance is one of them. Be vigilant of your own prejudices.

          2. @SJT

            Religion is not a race or a sexuality. It’s an ideology. I’d be disgusted if people weren’t intolerant of bad ideologies, otherwise the world would be even worse.

          3. @Penboy
            “… and the fact that his parents (owner of that gay club) didn’t properly teach their children what respect means for everyone,”

            ~Other than his father being the Self-proclaimed ‘Afghan revolutionary president’ I’d think he’s about as far away as one can possibly be from owning a gay club!

          4. @SJT:
            “Be vigilant of your own prejudices.”

            My primary personal “prejudice” is simply the absolutely STUPID AND FALSE ideologies of RELIGIONS and the EQUALLY STUPID concepts of “god(s)”. Make no mistake about it, I MAKE NO APOLOGIES FOR THIS — EVER.

            I think it’s time for YOU to start being vigilant of your own prejudices. And stop being such an apologist for the most ignorant of reasons.

          1. 50 gay people are killed in one religiously motivated attack every day?

            You didn’t address my point anyway. Gun bans won’t stop the violence of Islamists, as Paris proved. They’ll just use bombs like in Belgium, instead. And then knives. And then cars.

  1. Hi Siblings

    This is an example of how much pain the pressure to conform to hetero rules costs. Want to guess this creature wanted to be one of the guys he saw kissing? This is beyond tragic! Killing as a cry for help?

    1. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. Recent news reports have him visiting the club many times. He was on several gay dating sites. He asked a classmate in school to go out and his ex-wife now says that he was gay but had conflicting emotions about it.

      A terribly toxic mix.

  2. ~So sorry shooter’s father says, my son was just your average everyday homophobe enraged after seeing two men kissing, it had absolutely nothing to do with religion even though junior pledged allegiance to ISIS over 911 just prior to going on his shooting spree…

    ❦Josh, those two are super cute together, may their future be safer than all those lost and injured in Orlando because of such hatred and stupidity…

  3. Controlling w ho buys guns may be and may remain too difficult to control, but perhaps making gun shop owners report those who buy assault weapons to the police or FBI who could then investigate them would be a more manageable preposition. I don’t think there are millions of assault weapons being sold like there are regular hand guns and hunting rifles. Maybe I’m wrong.

    These boys are cute as hell.

    1. “Controlling who buys guns may be and may remain too difficult to control, but perhaps making gun shop owners report those who buy assault weapons to the police or FBI who could then investigate them would be a more manageable preposition.”

      Yes. But, I sincerely think the time has past for FEDERAL LAWS to TOTALLY OUTLAW ALL GUNS (and similar DESTRUCTIVE tools) to … MUSLIMS and any other apologists for ISLAM. — NO EXCEPTIONS.

      Extreme? YES. So be it. Is anyone suggesting these mass killings aren’t EXTREME?

      milkboys named this thread, “DEFIANCE.” It’s time we start expressing the correct DEFIANCE.

        1. You’re absolutely correct to point out that “interesting” example with ONE distinction: That nutcase christian DOES REFLECT the ignorance of christianity, except that “pastor” is all talk, and NO ACTION because he doesn’t have the balls to DO what he TALKS about.

          And that’s the crucial difference between nutcases of christianity and islam: ONE TALKS, THE OTHER “WALKS”.

          I detest both, but at least christianity (for the most part) has learned to keep themselves in line and their most violent ideas to just talk and not act on them … because they are not sanctioned by their governments (mostly). Whereas islamists not only shout their hate, they also wield the weapons and ACTUALLY USE THEM with the blessings of their “states.”

          Of course, there are a very few christian fanatics, but islam has millions of them and they have been sprouting out of the walls by the thousands in the last few decades.

          You need to stop and think before you take on the role of an islam apologist.

    2. Bob, all sales of assault rifles in America were supposed to be banned by federal law. Three specific ones, from as late as the 1980s. The weapon he used was not an assault rifle. Just a modified semi-one, with parts sold for specific modification to make it look different from your neighbor’s rifle. It shoots 10 rounds per clip and the trigger has to be pulled for each shot. People keep crying for a ban on “assault rifles” when only the military, government officials, and police are allowed to carry true assault rifles. Chicago has possibly the strictest gun control laws in America and yet hundreds are killed by guns within the city lines each year.

  4. It is hard to find any redeeming value to a religion that openly tells it’s followers that it is required to throw homosexuals off cliffs and stone them to death after you torture them. Currently, in Saudi Arabia the courts sentence us to floggings and beheadings.

    1. You can’t say that or our *cough* allies will call you an Islamophobe. Seems gay rights stop where Islam begins and we have to get in line behind the religious fundamentalists.

    2. Except it says nowhere in the Quran that homosexuality is a sin. This homophobia is a very recent development in Islam. until the early 20th century Islam was actually way more “gay-friendly” than Christianity ever was.

      As with all religions it’s people using them to justify their own fucked up world-view but that’s not a problem with Islam, that’s something you can do with every religion.

      1. Stop spreading lies. You have absolutely no shame. Lying to defend the ideology of the man who committed the worst single anti-LGBT atrocity since the holocaust. And then trying to blame Christians.

        Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.
        — Sunan Abu Dawood, 38:4447 see also Sunan Abu Dawood, 38:4448 Sunan Abu Dawood, 31:4007 Sunan Abu Dawood, 31:4008 Sunan Abu Dawood, 11:2169 Sunan Abu Dawood, 32:4087 Sunan Abu Dawood, 32:4088

        Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet cursed effeminate men; those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, “Turn them out of your houses.” The Prophet turned out such-and-such man, and ‘Umar turned out such-and-such woman.
        — Sahih al-Bukhari, 7:72:774 see also Sahih al-Bukhari, 8:82:820

      2. @Nick [and all others that apply]:

        Before you continue to stomp your boots into your mouth trying to be an islamic apologist, you should do the following:

        Consider what’s happening right now in Germany and France (as well as the rest of Western Europe) because of the muslim immigration — all the problems that has borne out in your country.

        Also, you should read some very good books on islam:

        Why I Am Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq (1995)

        by: Aayan Hirsi Ali:
        1. The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam 2006

        2. Infidel: My Life (2007)

        3. Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations (2011)

        4. Heretic: Why Islam needs a Reformation now (2015)

      3. I don’t know the Koran but I can say that indeed it is largely true that this sort of homophobia is within the past 100 years in revivalist Islam.

        Homosexuality, in its transgenerational (man-boy) and transgenderal (passive/feminine form) was tolerated and celebrated in Islamic cultures until around 1920 in most places, and still going strong in Afghanistan (according to news reports anyway).

        It appears that it was the western interference: British, French, Russian, etc., that infected Islamic cultures with homophobia.

  5. After this gay club shooting, pope Francis said that America provides guns too easily for people and for those who buy them en masse just before reiterating his plea to concentrate on “poverty in America.”

    On his election to the papacy, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio chose to name himself after Francis of Assisi because the 12th-century saint “is the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation,” Pope Francis said Saturday. “How I would like a church that is poor and for the poor,” he told about 5,000 journalists gathered for an audience with the pope.

    Pope, before you continue to hypocritically talk against America, I suggest you look into your own gold-framed mirror:

    Population below poverty line: Italy — 29.9% (2012)

    So, pope, how about releasing some of those BILLIONS OF $$$ you have stashed away in all your holdings (including some the most prime real estate in America with your churches on them) and spread it around YOUR OWN HOST CITY & COUNTRY for the massive poverty-stricken people there FIRST before railing against America (which I agree, has its own wealth problems)?

    1. How about the Saudis offer some money, considering it was their brand of Islam that caused the attack? And he visited Saudi Arabia twice.

      Looks to me like the LGBT community is on a tight leash and not allowed to criticize Islam because the broader leftist community decided that was “bad”. I’d urge you to reconsider who has your best interests at heart when you can’t criticize the religion that caused the mas slaughter of 50 of your people.

      Today, the right wing has looked much better and much more sympathetic to what happened to our people.

      The left has offered only censorship. Very telling that on our worst day as an LGBT community, Reddit was censoring any mention of Islam and deleting whole topics… some of which had vital material about blood donations and missing persons.

      I’d be very weary about progressive “allies” from now on. The right wing and Milo are looking increasingly more friendly.

    1. So basically Clinton refused to acknowledge the regressive Islamic ideology that caused the attack and then blamed gun rights? Trump was right there to point the finger at the religious ideology that caused it. Only makes Trump look better in my eyes.

      The gun doesn’t matter, he could have attacked the club with an axe and killed dozens. What matters was his homophobic ISLAMIC ideology that prompted him to slaughter gays in line with Islam.

      1. “So basically Clinton refused to acknowledge the regressive Islamic ideology that caused the attack and then blamed gun rights? Trump was right there to point the finger at the religious ideology that caused it. Only makes Trump look better in my eyes.”

        This article is about how one who is running for office of President responds to a tragedy such as this one. Yes, it’s most definitely islam that is the absolute root cause of this. I would never argue that.

        But Clinton rightly points out the ease of how crackpots (of any religion or other political ideology) can acquire automatic weapons — and in this case, just a week before the rampage. And she responded with more compassion than Trump could every come up with — in other words, being “more Presidential.”

        BTW, Clinton HAS used the words “radicalized islam” to reference this type of slaughter — which, regrettably, Obama has never done.

        1. Trump is a hard talker who is the most pro-gay GOP candidate in… ever. He is not our direct enemy like so many before. He’s probably even more accepting of LGBT than even Bill Clinton was when he ruled.

          I see where you’re coming from. However the left wing is basically using guns as an excuse to not address Islam.

          The man had a bomb that, thankfully, failed. If he’d jammed the gun outside the club and his bomb worked, guns would be a moot point. 100 could have died in a bombing. Islamic religious intolerance is the root problem here.

          1. You know that 60% of the male Afghan population has had same-sex relationships? Only the Taliban don’t like it – the revivalists. The religious texts are not favorable to it, but the culture is. The same was the case across the middle east, as far as I can tell – until the British, French, Americans, and Russians taught them to be homophobic. It also seems that the revivalist Islam we are seeing in there terrorist events is partly of our own creation…

      2. @noapologists:
        “Trump is a hard talker who is the most pro-gay GOP candidate in… ever.”

        Trump is pro-gay because he “worships” MONEY. Gays have the largest proportional spending income than heterosexuals with families. So, gays, per person, usually spend more. Trump just hope those gays spend more at HIS hotels, etc. So, as long as he sees the right plastic or dollar bills, he’s pro-[anything that spends]. And I’ve not argued against Trump on gay-related matters except now for his tweet responses to that club carnage.

        “However the left wing is basically using guns as an excuse to not address Islam.”

        Yes, that’s true — regressive leftists we’re calling them. But, with more restrictions (bans, preferably) on AUTOMATIC weapons (you seriously demand that you NEED an automatic, 60+ magazine in a gun to go hunting for … squirrels?), FEWER incidents like this will happen. You’d be ignorant to argue this.

        I’m not calling for an outright ban on rifles and handguns for the average citizen (unless they are muslim — for now, until christians attempt to “take up their slack”).

        “Islamic religious intolerance is the root problem here.”

        Absolutely. I have no argument with that.

        1. He expressed all the sympathy he needed to. Preventing future attacks by pressuring Islam is better that the “good doggy” cloying drivel we get from Hillary and other leftists who then shut down any debate about LGBT and Islam because they’re bankrolled by the Saudis.

          The left sees us as useful idiots who pissed of the “white patriarchy” until the mainstream came to accept us. Now Islam angers middle America more and we’re put in the dog house because it’s more subversive to back Islam even when their ideology is the aggressor.

          I trust Trump more to not sacrifice us in the name of whatever minority the left decides is best tomorrow.

          1. “I trust Trump more to not sacrifice us in the name of whatever minority the left decides is best tomorrow.”

            Donald Trump will sacrifice anyone and anything to make himself and only himself look better. If something else “looks better” accidentally, well then, they are “lucky”. He’s no more intelligent than a spoiled brat and bully in high school.

            Next to Rubio, Trump is the most immature person running for President of the U.S. Just look how he talks about people — stating that respected journalists are “on the rag” because he didn’t like her questions. And trying to “prove” his PENIS isn’t “small” in public? Get real.

            You can’t see that?

          2. @Penboy

            I trust him more than Hillary, who has a Saudi agent in her inner circle.

            Trump took the dangerous position of backing trans people during the bathroom issue. That lost him votes, but he stood up for LGBT people.

            I’m sick of the LGBT assumption that the most left leaning candidate is automatically the best, when all I’ve seen from them recently is support for homophobic Islam. And in the last few days, that was at our expense.

          3. “I trust him more than Hillary, who has a Saudi agent in her inner circle.”

            What’s the NAME of this “agent?” If you can’t supply the NAME, the you’re just passing on bullshit because of your political leanings.

            Everything I’ve said about Trump is backed up by not only VIDEOS, but by just about every media outlet there is.

            I’m not “against” him because of his view on LGBT people, but because of what he says and how he says them TO EVERYONE.

          4. @penboy

            Look up Huma Abedin.

            Hillary also received donations from companies in exchange for weapons deals with the Saudis. There’s an IBT article but I can’t post links.

  6. The Orlando massacre had one thing in common with almost all other massacres – in the USA or in Paris or Norway or almost anywhere else in Europe – it happened in a “gun-free zone.” The victims in Orlando had one thing in common with the victims in almost all other massacres – they were unarmed and defenseless.

    There are bad and crazy people in the world. You can pass thousands of pages of laws and they’ll still get the guns they want. Prohibition, the War on Drugs, Nazi book burnings, whatever, you cannot stop people from getting what they want. And don’t kid yourself thinking I will ever surrender my firearms to any government. Blaming guns is like blaming cars for drunk driving or pencils for misspelled words or forks for obesity. You, the unarmed, are not made safer from armed homicidal bad guys by disarming armed peaceable good guys. That just adds more people to the pool of potential victims, and besides, why go after the people who didn’t do it?

    It never makes the drive-by media but armed citizens often take down active shooters, and a million times a year successfully protect themselves and their property against criminal predation.

    Foresters will tell you a forest fire is fought with more fire. Good controlled burns deprive the bad fire of fuel, causing it eventually to die out. An armed society deprives criminal predators of their prey. End gun-free zones. Enact nationwide Constitutional Carry.

    1. People seem to have forgotten that there was a Jihadist Islamic attack in Texas during 2015 that was prevented by other people with guns.

    2. There were three armed security guards on duty at the time of the attack that exchanged fire with the shooter was there not? Those three trained men didn’t stop this, why would a bunch of people in a night club (many have been drinking) with guns stop this?

      1. Because armed citizens are much better shots than cops. LEOs usually ‘qualify’ once or twice a year and rarely visit a range in between. Armed citizens usually practice once or twice a month or more, and while LEOs are required to use an issued weapon chosen more for price than compatibility, the personal weapons of armed citizens are carefully chosen for their feel and fit.
        When the police start shooting, you don’t want to be an innocent bystander. You’re just as likely to be shot as the bad guy they’re shooting at.
        The annals of armed citizen shootouts with criminals reveal lots of hits and very few misses. Prison inmates confirm in interviews that they fear armed citizens much more than the police.

        1. Sorry – not buying it. You’ve made some rather large sweeping statements that I don’t think are held up by reality. First you claim that LEOs don’t visit the range other than when required by their department. I find that to be highly unlikely (you’re essentially saying that LEOs are not gun enthusiasts at the same rate that the rest of the population is). You then make the sweeping statement that armed citizens fire a LOT. We’ll ignore the fact that simply shooting a lot doesn’t equate to accuracy and instead focus on the fact that shooting at a paper target at your favorite range has little relevance to firing at a human target that is firing back, let alone doing that inside a crowed room that is poorly lit after you’ve been partying all night. It’s a nice fantasy, but it’s just that.

  7. I wish there were more open relationships like these boys have. It is so beautiful and heart warming / melting :)

    More videos like this please!

    1. “I wish there were more open relationships like these boys have. It is so beautiful and heart warming / melting :)”

      While I don’t know the atmosphere in New Zealand of lately, in America, you most definitely WILL SEE more OPEN relationships like them in the years to come — and it will come more quickly, thanks to our now legal same-sex marriages.

      When a government allows same-sexes to marry, then they must allow publicly their “courtships” and all the romance involved within them. And that will include (in the near future) young teens (16 and down to even 10 y.o.) to show their romances as well. It’s only the natural progression of these relationships.

      And, you will see a lot more on YouTube and other “family-friendly” video sites as time goes on.

      1. You have more faith than I.

        The way the left has spun this mass murder to protect Islam, I have little doubt that as European countries get more Islamic, we will get less free.

        The governments may be getting more open to it, but they’re even more supportive of an ideology that is working to suppress LGBT rights at every turn.

        Remember that the Saudis forced the UN to remove LGBT rights from their agenda, and the Saudis influence almost every Western government to be pro-Islamic.

      2. The unspoken tension here regarding videos like this is that these boys are probably not ‘gay’ – in the sense that we have today. Most gay men were attracted primarily to adult men when they were boys. Boys attracted to other boys either tend to continue to be attracted to boys, or end up married to women. When these boys get older, will their ages of attraction rachet upwards, towards men? Chances are, probably not. Then what happens when they arrive at age 18 or age 20 and discover they cannot love boys any more?

  8. Very cute clip.

    US tragedy is both an awful crime in the name of Isis and a horrible violent act on innocents made by an angry nutcase. This time the poor victims were gay people, but these types of violent shooting killings are becoming as an American phenomena as Apple Pie.

    Really upsetting to think of our brothers and sisters having fun and loving to be struck down so callously.

  9. “Well, then. Hope you’re watching. Because we have a ton of cute queer couple videos left to post…”

    Well, then … bring them on! We’re now waiting and will happily watch! Don’t be shy!

  10. Did anybody ever hear of Timothy McVeigh? He blew up fertilizer. 168 dead. He was Caucasian, Christian and an Army veteran!
    How about Charles Whitman? 19 dead, 49 shot. He was Caucasian, Marine sharpshooter, and Christian.
    Violence is tragic. Islamophobes should leave this earth as soon as possible.

    1. “Islamophobes”

      No such word with any real meaning, but this:

      From my copy of Intelligent Urban Dictionary:

      islamophobia: An intense fear of learning the correct interpretation of the socio-political ideology called “islam” [submit / submission] and how regressives associate the “brownness” of the Arabian, Middle East and North African culture and feel a need to classify it as “racism” which isn’t a separate human race at all. In other words, a non-word “word.”

    2. Islamic apologists should leave this earth as soon as possible.

      50 dead LGBT people and you only care about defending the religion that did it. GET OUT OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY BECAUSE YOU SURE DO NOT BELONG HERE

      1. Your country’s ancestors, the English, planted the seeds of homophobia in Islamic cultures, which before the English (and French, Russians, and Americans) largely tolerated widespread homosexuality in certain forms. The English shouldn’t have done that. Religious extremism among males exists in part due to internalized homophobia among males. When you turn males against themselves, you own them. Christianity knew this a long time ago. Now Revivalist Islam is taking advantage of the same phenomenon. Is it not obvious? The shooter got raging mad over two men kissing in public.

        1. No, their holy book did.

          If he was Christian you’d be pointing out the hateful things in the Bible, from which the Koran borrows. Except we’ve been trained by the left wing to not criticize Islam for the same evils against LGBT people that we fought the Christian fundamentalists for years over.

          Essentially, because most Muslims are Arab and therefore not white, they’re held to the racism of low standards whereby people say “oh my, you can’t criticize that culture because that culture can’t help being backwards”. It’s white supremacy in modern form. So you default to the old “clearly the white man caused this and the Arabs were the victims with no agency of their own”.

          By treating them like children who aren’t responsible for their own intolerance, you’re basically saying they’re 2nd class citizens who can’t be held to the same standards as a white person. You’re letting the extremists control their community by attributing all their problems to the white man so there is never acceptance of problems and an internal reform by sympathetic Muslims.

          1. “No, their holy book did. ……..”

            That’s probably your best post in here.

          2. Yes, the seeds for homophobia are in the book, but as they are in other religions, but Islamic cultures retained their pre-Islamic love of boys and love of feminine men, and there was not this kind of violent expression (despite the religion) until today. What changed was that the British, French, Russians and Americans came in and introduced western homophobia by 1920, and now it is coming back to haunt us all.

  11. Dear friends, I suck cock, and I really like a cock pumping in my bum. I also own guns, and if homophobes believe they can please some invisible, make-believe entity, then it just might be time for ME and YOU to obtain a “Permit to Carry!”

  12. @noapologists:
    “I trust him more than Hillary, who has a Saudi agent [Huma Abedin?] in her inner circle.”

    If you’re referring to Huma Abedin, the ONLY reference to Saudi Arabia and her is that her family is there. You have a strange notion of “agent” if you think that’s what just a family member is.

    “Hillary also received donations from companies in exchange for weapons deals with the Saudis.”

    Gee, you mean like every other politician accepting from companies in exchange for some type of legislation/trade deals? That’s nothing new. We’ve had many trade deals with Saudi Arabia as well as others like Egypt. Politicians make deals and play favorites to benefit THEMSELVES all the time.

    Want to talk real “agents” for the Saudis? How about George W. Bush getting the entire bin Laden family OUT OF AMERICA IMMEDIATELY AFTER 9/11?

    How many “deals” do you think Trump has made JUST TO FAVOR HIMSELF all these years in his real estate holdings and other businesses?

    Sorry, but really don’t have a legitimate argument against Clinton other than she’s not “perfect” which we all know already. But, I’ll take her imperfections over the IMMATURITY and IGNORANCE of Donald Trump any day.

    1. middleeasteye had an article by Rori Donaghy just today. The Saudis bankrolled 20% of her campaign. I do not trust such homophobes to have my interests at heart.

      A known criminal and lair who breached secrecy guidelines like Clinton has vs. a candidate who’s only crime was to be attacked mercilessly by the media? I thought you were better than that. Seems people fall for media inanity too easily nowadays. Trump is a strong candidate who’s upset the elites, Clinton will just be more of the current failing status quo; economically, militarily and socially.

      This is finally the time for LGBT people to stop being yes-men for any old corrupt leftist and to actually use our power.

      1. “A known criminal and lair who breached secrecy guidelines like Clinton has

        And you said to me, “I thought you were better than that.” Are you serious?

        There are way too numerous posts/sites that have disclosed nearly every major government official has breached some sort of Federal privacy and disclosure laws such as using a personal server for emails, deleting emails that was supposed to have been preserved. Clinton is hardly the only one or even the most serious one. It’s only that she was “caught” … or more accurately, just exposed for the same thing that all the others have been doing.

        I’m only posting this ONE … Google anything related to this and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of posts pointing out the same thing Clinton did. It’s clear she didn’t compromise America’s internal security by doing this. And, please don’t bring up Benghazi — you Republicans can’t look any more stupid about that … especially since the highest up admitted that it was partisan.

        Sorry, but your Clinton “arguments” fall flat. Just stick with the simple and about EVERY politician — they’re not perfect and they work for personal gains. We already know this — Clinton is no better and not really any worse than the highest Republicans. Try to find a politician that isn’t in that boat.

        One — Bernie Sanders (for the most part).

        Come up with something better … and more intelligent than “criminal Clinton.”


        “Trump is a strong candidate who’s upset the elites,”

        No, Trump just constantly vacillates between cry-baby to sophomoric frat (without a fraternity to sleep in) to an absolute idiot that just happens to have a lot of money.

        1. Trump hasn’t come out to use this hate crime against LGBT people to basically defend the very same ideology that caused the attack.

          — CLINTON: Inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and threatening to ban the families and friends of Muslim Americans as well as millions of Muslim business people and tourists from entering our country hurts the vast majority of Muslims who love freedom and hate terror.

          So does saying that we have to start special surveillance on our fellow Americans because of their religion. It’s no coincidence that hate crimes against American Muslims and mosques have tripled after Paris and San Bernardino. That’s wrong. And it’s also dangerous. It plays right into the terrorists’ hands.
          Still, as I have said before, none of us can close our eyes to the fact that we do face enemies who use their distorted version of Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. They’d take us all back to the Stone Age if they could, just as they have in parts of Iraq and Syria.

          The terrorist in Orlando targeted LGBT Americans out of hatred and bigotry. And an attack on any American is an attack on all Americans. —

          That scares me. LGBT victims of this awful crime failed to get a single mention until the very end. I fear for the LGBT community under Clinton and her Islamic apologist. If I could vote, it would be to keep her out.

  13. So sad to see some people still live in obscurantist ages, my prayers go to all victims of this and other hate crimes, from LGBT and other minorities.

  14. Sorry your cute video of the two boys got railroaded by the political discussion, but, you did invite it with your 1st paragraph.

    You should post another cute video post haste so that we can get our minds off of that tragedy, even for a short while. And so we can get back to milkboys. :-)

  15. An observation by George Carlin:

    “The reason for most violence against gays is that heterosexual men are forced to prove that they themselves are not gay. It goes like this: Men in strong male subcultures like the police, the military and sports and a few other cesspools bond very strongly. Hunting and fishing golfing friendships also produce this unnatural bonding. These guys bond and bond and bond and they get closer and closer, until finally they’re just drunk enough to say, ‘You know, I really love these guys!.’ And that frightens them, so they quickly add, ‘But I’m not a queer!’ See the dilemma? Now they have to go out of their way to prove to the world, to their buddies and to themselves that they don’t harbor homoerotic feelings. And it’s only a short step from ‘I’m not a queer!’ to ‘In fact, I hate queers!’ and another short step to ‘Let’s go kill some queers!’ And what they really seek to kill is not the queer outside. It’s the queer inside they fear.

    “Gay bashers are repressed homosexuals attempting to deny the queer inside, but certain signals get past the screen. That’s why you see so many policemen with those precious little well-groomed mustaches. You’d see more of the same mustaches on athletes and military men, but those two groups are not allowed to express themselves freely. Military drones and many sheep-like athletes have dress codes and are forbidden to wear facial hair. The idea is to limit and reduce their individuality. These are men who have chosen to allow ‘the organization’ to run their lives. That’s why athletes, police and military men have that rigid, unbending body language; they’re severely repressed. Guess what they’re repressing? Why do you think they call those police cars ‘cruisers’?”

    1. It’s compelling yet I hardly think that most men would harbor sexual feelings for other men, as opposed to having sexual feelings for boys. As well, it is said by some forensic psychologists that homophobia has more to do with fear over gender roles than about latent attraction to men. I’m not sure which is more correct – probably both are correct. The two things are related, but in a complicated way. We used to have gender segregation, which probably lessened the difficulties of achieving mahood… allowances were made for feminine men, and opportunities for unrelated men and boys to form relationship bonds – the latter served to help turn boys into men, instill confidence, resolve any issues of shame over homosexual contact, and more.

    1. No. Trevor Noah is a whiny, immature [wealthy] hack of a comedian though.

      Trump called it what it was; Islamic terrorism. Then he didn’t set about disarming EVERYONE like Hillary did. Trump believes in punishing the small group responsible, Hillary believes in punishing everyone.

      1. “Trump called it what it was; Islamic terrorism.”

        That’s the only factual statement you made. Everything else is pure bullshit.

        You’re a typical Republican — blame everyone else for your FAILURES EXCEPT YOURSELF. I’m just surprised you’re not the standard religious robot but then I haven’t seen anything you’ve said about christianity.

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