Dear US lawmakers, you are the Weirdos here

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It seems like a simple concept: People go into a public bathroom, do their business and get out. The End. No one is seeing anyone naked, no one shares any toilet seat with anyone. At most you’ll wash your hands next to someone else.  And that’s just the few people who even wash their hands…

But in the spirit of the good, old American tradition of blowing everything completely out of proportion some US states decided that transgender people using the bathroom of their choice is the new battleground on which we’ll decide the fate of society.

And this isn’t about keeping women & kids safe from rapists, it’s about social reinforcement of gender conformity through discrimination. And it doesn’t need self-righteous white dudes like this asshole doing “social experiments” to prove that this discrimination is real by the way.

So that’s where heading: Lawmakers telling us that, if you don’t have the right genitals to fit their definition of your gender, you don’t get to use the bathroom. Instead you get shunned, discriminated and accused of being a weirdo at best or a rapist at worst. Not just in a town or two but in state after state after state after state after state. What the fuck.

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  1. I just watched this video this morning. Funny … and I’d say, 99% correct — I really don’t care if someone watches me doing “#1”, I certainly look over if he’s good looking enough. :-)

    It’s going to be interesting if a young person has an “accident” because he wasn’t able to use the / any bathroom … IN TIME to prevent it. Lawsuit begin.

  2. Blah, blah, blah…yada, yada, yada. If my daughter is in the ladies room and I see some broken-brained gender-bender going in, we’ll be making the news. Count on it.

    1. A real bad guy aren’t you? A transgendered teen happens to walk in, use the OTHER stall at a Pizza parlor, and you’re determined to “kill him/her” aren’t you?

      Oh, swoooooon …… you’re sooooo my hero ….. horse’s ass. After all, that trans-teen was soooooooo dangerous trying to urinate in the CLOSED stall.

    2. @Horselips: Wow, you really are a stupid ass. If in fact your daughter and a transgender woman were both using the same washroom at the same time, neither you, nor her would even be aware of it. News Flash: Trans women don’t walk around naked in washrooms swinging their cocks around in front of all the other ladies and girls to see. In case you’re not aware, ladies’ washrooms have a thing called private cubicles or toilet stalls. Basically they’re pretty much identical to the men’s rooms, sans the urinals.
      I find it amusing you’re too dumb to have any imagination or empathy of what it must be like for trans people. Sort of ironic in a way for a gay or bi person to lack the ability to grasp the concept that a minority of people are different.

  3. Religion is slowly dying in the US. Just like wounded or dying animals, religitards and bigots will lash out in the most vicious and stupid manner. It is their singular agenda to not allow LGBTQ people to achieve any sort of normalcy. Extreme religitards currently control much of the US. Not until they are the minority and we can enact laws against them will this shit go away.

    1. “Religion is slowly dying in the US.”

      Unfortunately, too slowly. But it will get better when we finally reverse the religious privilege in the USA …. starting with churches tax-free and non-profit statuses. A lawsuit is winding its way through the courts right now. The primary stumbling blocks are the right-wing Federal District and Appeals Courts judges.

      1. that’s nice to know, but on what legal standing was the lawsuit brought? as I understand US law, a lawsuit can be dismissed if the plaintiffs can’t show that they are being hurt by the subject they’re suing about.

        1. “that’s nice to know, but on what legal standing was the lawsuit brought?”

          I’m not privy to the details of this lawsuit. I just know from reliable sources that it’s being pursued.


          “as I understand US law, a lawsuit can be dismissed if the plaintiffs can’t show that they are being hurt by the subject they’re suing about.”

          That’s correct. As I said, I don’t know their “specific standing”. But how about this:

          As a tax-payer, I expect my local government to provide reasonable educational facilities including correct-working facilities. So, if a number of schools are not “correctly working” (by whatever definition you wish), and you find out that ALL CHURCHES WITHIN YOUR LOCAL AREA ARE NOT PAYING ANY TAXES, but receive government benefits (way too many to list here), and you have children attending below-scale schools BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ENOUGH FUNDS DISTRIBUTED TO THESE SCHOOLS, then you as a parent with children in schools have been hurt, because the government is not providing adequate facilities for schools, but are providing FREE services for EVERY CHURCH.

          How’s that, as just ONE example? You can read between the lines to understand the “standing” necessary for someone/an organization to sue to remove this RELIGIOUS PRIVILEGE from our society, at least at this local level ….. and the snowball is rolling down the hill.

  4. Wow! That is such an ignorant comment.

    You do realise being transgender is NOT a sexual fetish? They are not using toilets for quick fumbles etc. In their heads, they truly believe they are trapped in a body of the opposite sex.

    You’re a Trump supporter, yeah? That figures.

    1. “Wow! That is such an ignorant comment.”

      WHO is that directed to? If it’s me, then re-read my comment in full ….. and read my other comments.

  5. I wonder if bathrooms (or toilets down here in Australia – a bathroom has a bath in it) were to be made unisex, would this solve the problem – the way I see it, a unisex facility would have cubicles and no open area urinals where people would be able to identify a gender. In this scenario, the only place men, women, transgender and gender fluid people would ever encounter each other would be where hands are washed. This would also alleviate the issue of female bathrooms/toilets not having enough facilities for women.

    1. Yes, but that is just ONE of them. American Atheists are pursuing another suit, even more direct to the Federal level.

      Good for you for looking that up. :-)

    2. You might find this new book (just published December, 2015) enlightening:

      Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto For a Religious World
      by David Silverman, President of American Atheists

      It’s a great read and just as good as a reference. This book is so good, I made my own personal PDF of it (less Index). The only “negative” thing about it: the b&w photos are really crappy in it. So, go onto their website and see the very same photos in color and much better quality. (I copied them for my PDF).

    3. If you have legal interests (or your profession), I also recommend this book (published 2014):

      Scalia: A Court of One
      by Bruce Allen Murphy

      It’s a thick one! Some of it can be tedious …. but persevere …. it’s quite enlightening to learn about this justice that just died and his “thought process”. If you get it, by far the best part is Chapter 15, “Bush v. Gore” and I think you’ll understand why. He shows just how America experienced an internal coup d’état but was “lucky” because Bush & Cheney were either too lazy or too stupid to understand what was handed to them.

      1. Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, and Temples, and their appendant properties like convents, monasteries, and so forth aren’t taxed because of the Constitution’s guarantee of the “…free exercise thereof.” If religion is burdened with taxation, it becomes the exclusive province of those faiths and denominations that can afford it. Undercapitalized congregations, or those operating on a shoestring budget would be forced to close, or have their property and buildings confiscated by the government, to be sold at auction or whatever – something the government doesn’t want to get involved in at all.

        There is also the inevitable and predictable corruption that would attend taxation. Assessors might be tempted to under-value favored faiths, especially the properties of their own, and over-value the properties they might harbor some bigotry against. The courts would be clogged with endless appeals.

        As for taxing religious incomes – we have already seen the corruption of the IRS under several administrations, from Nixon’s “enemies list” to the atrocious scandals of discrimination against conservative non-profits by the Obama administration.

        Sorry, but the government has not the honesty or the competence to tax any aspect of religion, and if the Constitution is read with original intent, it hasn’t the jurisdiction either.

        1. horsey:
          “aren’t taxed because of the Constitution’s guarantee of the ‘…free exercise thereof.'”

          Of all the back and forth of our posts together, that has to rank as the most stupid response of anyone that’s supposed to know the most basic American history/ civics. Now I know the source of your total ignorance of American civics — you have no reading comprehension!

          “free exercise thereof” hardly means “no cost” …. but to explain to you as you’re a 6 year-old, that means freedom to think and express yourself, NOT for an organization to be free of taxes or expenses. Hint: an individual is never given any “non-profit” status — you must be an organization of some sort. I can’t believe you actually tried to pull off that piece of bullshit as some sort of “fact” or are you really that stupid? And the entire remainder of your post is just bullshit apologetics for religious organizations [businesses].

  6. @Penboy

    My reply didn’t make it clear. Apologies.

    I was referring to Horselips. The ‘reply’ button doesn’t seem to keep the reference to the post I was responding to.

  7. What a bunch of horse shit! You all know damned well people hang out in bathrooms to pick up a John. Beaches, Malls, parks… All used to find sex for the moment, day, night. It’s on the news every week, even to the point of a Senator and Rock Star arrested by under cover cope who sit in the bathrooms hour after hour to bust people using prostitution in the pee stations.

    Europe has had Unisex bathrooms for decades, but not all the cultures on the planet are ready for that. And there is a place for it and a place not to use Unisex Bathrooms. In family areas? no way. If it’s in a gym or adult only area then go for it.

    But ya know what? America has had “Family Bathrooms” for 10 years or more. Rest areas on the highway or in the mall or even most truck stops. Family Rooms have been popping up everywhere. People of any sex that want privacy use them with out criticism. Trans gender and Hermaphrodites have plenty of access to rest rooms to take care of business.

    But don’t pretend for a moment that bathrooms are not dangerous places for the opposite sex or even the same sex. I went to Santa Monica Beach near Los Angeles when I was 11. My friend and I rode the bus down. We got separated and I had to sit on the pot a few minutes. In large cities there are no doors so I had to lump it and just go. After I finished and stood up, this guy about 25 asked me if I wanted to stay in the bathroom a few minutes. I was like “what for?” He said he wanted to make me feel good. My heart started pounding and I was envisioning him slamming my head against the cinder block wall. I said I didn’t know what he was talking about and he came out and said he wanted to suck my dick. I was scared shitless! This guy was twice my size. I finely just screamed “leave me alone!” and ran out by him.

    A year before that I was with a youth group on a tour in the National Parks. At the Grand Canyon a perv was in the bathroom trying to get boys to stay in a stall with him and later at night he opened a 10 y/o boys tent and stuck his hand down the back of a boys underwear to feel his ass.

    So kiss my ass if you think the US is supposed to be like everyone else. OH that’s right, only Europe used unisex bathrooms are unisex. The rest of the world’s bathrooms are one sex only.

    Hell, every day a security camera in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other public vacation areas capture kids and men following little girls into the woman’s bathroom to mess with them. One 15 y/o boy followed an 8 y/o girl into a bathroom and raped her dirty & left her for dead.

    It’s hard enough keeping people safe without doubling the projected occupancy of a bathroom. Like I said, Transgender bathrooms in schools where everyone is the same generation, no problem. Just not in public/family areas.

    We don’t need more problems with pedophiles in bathrooms!

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