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  1. Davy is hot as f*ck, but the Boy London hat has to go. The company logo is a very slightly stylized copy of the Nazi “Parteiadler” missing only the oak leaves in the O the eagle is perched on and the swastika inside it. (The same bird facing the other direction was the Reichsadler.) The logo is just too close for comfort.

    1. This boy is just beautiful whatever clothes he wears I think. Only problem in this picture is that he wear too much clothes. It should be mandated by law that boys with this magnitude of beauty should pose with less clothes than this.

      At first, I didn’t really agree about the eagle and the Nazi associations. It’s very common to use the eagle in the coat of arms in European countries. I didn’t connect it with the Third Reich, but then I looked it up in Wiki and I have to agree with you. It’s way too close!

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  2. Yes. I noticed that too. You almost forget about the “Boy” printed on the hat. Just notice the Eagle. Bad Real Bad.

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