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  1. Quite an interesting film this scene is from. It covers a lot of different themes from death to the realisation of who a person is and betrayal, What is depicted in the scene represented here is obvious in the original film but would probably be heavily edited in an American release due to the ages of the actors involved.

    European film makers tend to be more open minded and can frame a scene where it only appears that something uncomfortable to general society is happening rather than ignoring the fact it actualy does happen.

    1. True. Though there are many countries in Europe, even ones that consider themselves to be at the pinnacle of progressivism (in particular that country), in which these kinds of movies could not have been made. ‘European film makers’ is too broad a category in this case I feel.

      In Denmark and Iceland (Hjartasteinn) it’s possible though. For which we should be thankful. :)

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