Danica Roem’s Historic Victory

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Diana Tourjée spent election day with Danica Roem, the first-time politician who unseated one of the most notoriously transphobic politicians in the US state of Virginia. Watch her uplifting report.

Danica Roem made history on November 7, becoming the first transgender person to be elected and seated to a state legislature. The 33-year-old stepmom now represents District 13 in northern Virginia, an area that was controlled for more than two decades by Republican Bob Marshall, one of the state’s most virulently anti-LGBT lawmakers.

Roem’s success in local politics has made a national impact, setting the stage for other first-time candidates and transgender people to run for—and win—elections across the country.

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  1. It’s the sweetest irony that she beat that super-homophobic Bob Marshall.

    Now, we need to show Roy Moore that he won’t be any Senator, by this January or any other time.

    1. You guys and gals of any gender identity also need to show LGBTophobic Trump that he won’t be any President either… ;)
      Danica Roem’s victory is a great sign that the people, who didn’t elect Trump, don’t follow his kind.

      By a great coincidence, today’s TED Talk was called “How to talk and listen to transgender people.” Apparently, you need to start with some BS like “Hi, nice to meet ya:” https://www.ted.com/talks/jackson_bird_how_to_talk_and_listen_to_transgender_people?rss#t-372546

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