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  1. A purrrrrfect boy. I’d be happy stroking his smooth young body as he lay curled up on my lap. He is, of course, gaol-bait!! But so cute.

  2. 🤓First, thank you for the ‘click me’ as I normally don’t comment on such pics, gifs, or videos due to their sometimes rather blatant themes… Being a prude of sorts!
    😸Secondly and most importantly thats one cute little pussy and a heck of a shot… He should be quite proud of himself and that sweet tail too!

  3. Very nice, indeed. But, pets shouldn’t have a neck collar to walk them by — it should be a harness so as to not choke them (pussies included — I’ve seen them being walked in the city.) .

    Let’s be thankful that this is one pussy Donald Trump will never grab and try to kiss. (Or does he have inclinations that we [and his wives] don’t know about?)

    1. I think the key is understanding that most men have inclinations for young males which THEY themselves don’t know about.

  4. How about making a First Time (window, corner, whatever) so we can share along with my previous suggestion, Video Corner? There’s plenty of room on this page for both.

  5. Never seen this cutie before! How did I miss him all this time?! Looks like he knows what he wants heh heh :)

  6. Now I know why cats always have a leg up, licking that area. Just watch for the claws when handling it, kitty!

  7. I think Graziano means that this boy is very skinny.

    Of course, it’s a matter of personal taste whether you like this or not.

  8. I urge you to follow his Tumblr link. If you like skinny boys. He is awesome. The NSFW section is really great.

    1. 😘I’d say we love it!

      “I’m glad you like it! But, what do you mean by, “gaol-bait?” Means: ‘Jail’-bait.. because you look so young & cute!

  9. Now this boy I don’t know what he’s got on his legs he’s naked he says got something on his legs whatever it is but it’s got something hiding his privates so we can’t see it he should not be ashamed to show when he’s got he is I’m very cute boy

  10. This boy he’s cute, he’s stressed up like a cat, I forgot the character name that he is dressed up with, he’s naked and he’s has a star blocking his penis saying clock me, I don’t know what he say, he feels comfortable in his own skin not afraid of being and showing what he’s got, it would be nice to see his butt and penis, but if he is a teenager boy I can understand.

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