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  1. YAAAAAS! I saw this photo on his Instagram and wondered if it would make its way to the Milkboy site. :P Everything he wears seems to be filled out quite nicely.

  2. Cute, and clever. Now [we’ve] come to accept only the memory of felines for humans — and what modern-day “fur traders” can muster up? :-)

    (That “tail” is large enough to come from a St. Bernard!)

  3. I remember watching a porno a few months ago with a young stud with an enormous cock and the biggest balls I’d ever seen pumping this young guy raw. He had 3 tattoos. I think one was I ❤️boys on his arm. The other two I deffo remember. Two intertwined Mars signs under his left shoulder and just above his trimmed bush in that Gothic old German way of writing was the word….. fuck. He gave the pouting little birch beneath him a cream pie. Delicious. None of this pulling out and cuming on your tits malarkey.

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