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    1. “This video contains content from Victor Entertainment, Inc.. It is not available in [my] country.”

      1. America, not sadnesses – you do not see video on youtube by reason of copyrights,
        but you soon see Mariusa Yo in episode of the american comedy “Fuller Haus” .

        Fuller Haus is a continuation successful sitcom “Fuller Haus” (or Full house ), which left with 1987 on 1995, сериал is exclusive for stream service Netflix.
        At December 2016 creator Dzheff Franklin has confirmed that шоу was prolonged on the third season and was booked 18 episodes.
        The First 9 episodes will are released September 22, but episodes 10-18 are planned release at December.
        Marius will come up for one of the last episode, released at December.
        Their action occurs in Japan.
        The Removals of the episode were a completed August 10 in Tokyo.

  1. Marius Ё – Japanese singer, actor and makne group Sexy Zone. He was born on March 30, 2000 in Heidelberg, Germany. Marius’s father is German, and his mother is Japanese. He made his debut as a member of the Sexy Zone when he was 11 years old

  2. This is probably your best Caturday yet … it helps to be unique.

    Which [wild] cat is this?

  3. Sadly, hand raised (domesticated) lions wind up being shot and killed in staged big game hunts. These programs have nothing to do with conservation nor increasing wild lion populations. MSNBC made a documentary about the business.

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