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  1. What a shame. A handsome young man with a beautiful body defaces it from head to toe, and turns himself into a monster.

    1. I certainly wouldn’t call him a “monster”, but I do agree with everything else you stated. He’s unfortunately too insecure of his own image so he thinks he needs to turn his body into a walking billboard. And that hair is part of that billboard. Too bad.

      Btw, are his shorts made of cloth or some sort of [shiny] paper?

      1. The level of bigotry and ignorance in the comments here is astounding sometimes. Despite being so out of touch with any recent cultural frame of reference, the same soured men repeatedly inject negativity and bile into this blog at every opportunity. The gun toting republican and the obsessive atheist (we lack the full unholy trinity as the woman hater has yet to find an angle on this post) spew low level hatred and intolerance so regularly that I can only think they are allowed to continue so that their posts serve as an internet safety warning for teenagers.

        Calling them out on their behaviour seems futile but just occasionally, like today, I think is worth the effort if only because of the opportunity for ridicule that today’s offerings present. It’s easy to ignore hateful posts, possibly to laugh it off as the ramblings of Grandpa Simpson or Herbert the pedophile type characters. Unfortunately I see the real life versions as entirely more toxic than the lovable comic characters and today I feel like having my own rant instead of laughing or ignoring the ignorant men.

        The reason I decided to vent now and not on the last 100 threads is because people just like Penboy and Horselips are discovering that they once again could gain some influence, given the current political climates in the US and Europe. In other words, they could be the thin edge of a very dangerous and looming wedge.

        “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” would seem to me to be an appropriate way for anyone with reasonable manners to approach the comments section of MB. I consider that especially important for non political posts that feature a non professional model. Each little comment on a blog is perhaps insignificant in itself, but I see bigotry, raw hatred and, worst of all, what I think we have here – lazy intolerance – sweeping the developed world right now. Taken as a whole there is the potential to undo 40 years of civil rights advancement, or if not that then at least to make many people who are different to the majority feel a little less happy, to feel a little less included, to make their lives a little harder to live. These posters are same gender attracted men, apparently with an attraction to younger men or boys, yet they lack the empathy to recognise some of the same behaviours in themselves as they would presumably reject in others when directed at them. I don’t think they’re simply trolling, but much of their output seems to have little purpose other than to criticise each other, the boys in the blog, and other commenters who are unwise enough to engage with them. I would classify much of their content as classic internet bullying.

        It’s likely that the people who I’m attacking with this comment have no idea why I think their posts qualify for such treatment. It’s also hilariously clear that they’re unaware of having utterly missed the point in expressing those opinions on this occasion. Their posts here are a demonstration of their haste to spew contempt and judgement without making the slightest effort to think first, and without having the slightest understanding of the thing they’re judging.

        Horselips comment at least only expressed his displeasure with the boy’s unconventional style, an entirely unnecessary post but one which I concede is sometimes balanced with a post of approval for a boy who meets his personal expectations. That he feels the need to make such posts so regularly (or at all) makes him far uglier than the young people he derides, but at least he’s consistent in his role as the God fearing conservative homosexual with a liking of clean cut gender conforming gay boys.

        Penboy’s comment (and comments in general) are more insidious to me. I’m also an atheist and agree with much of what he writes on that topic, if not the where and how he chooses to express his views. His comment in this thread, however, is as ugly as any I’ve seen him make, and quite typical of his contributions to the blog (for some small value of contribution). He chooses to psychoanalyse the unfortunate youth, quoting straight from the ages old book of condescending adults who don’t understand at all why a nice young man would behave and dress in such a way. I don’t care how superior a poster may consider their stylistic and behavioural norms, to presume to derive, assess and judge somebody’s personality issues from their style – from a single photo at that – reveals a level of arrogance and lack of thought process that reflects badly on that author in my opinion.

        If the subject of this post had actually been conforming – or non-conforming – to a lifestyle trend of his choosing I would find a man’s need to voice their disapproval quite rude and unnecessary, whether or not there was any chance the subject might ever read or care about your opinions. Teenagers who dress to be noticed tend not to care about the opinions of grumpy adults – but others, especially from the groups that MB still advertises itself to be a safe place for, could be more vulnerable. For adults to feel the need to regularly attack groups or individual boys – sometimes very young boys – seems as nasty as it is inappropriate.

        Now the part that I might enjoy writing.

        As most visitors will have realised immediately, on this occasion Horselips and Penboy have actually expressed their disapproval, intolerance and psychometric evaluation of a female comic book super villain from the Batman universe; or – depending on how you look at it – of a cute guy playing dress up at a comic book convention (and doing a really good job of capturing The Joker’s former shrink and obsessive lover Harley Quinn).

        All they needed to do to not look stupid was read the post title and section. The post is titled Harley Quinn and is tagged with Cosplay. Obviously it’s not a personal failing to miss a popular culture reference, and it’s barely conceivable that a MB reader might be unfamiliar with the meaning of the word Cosplay, but surely if neither reference means a thing to you it’s reasonable to expect that one might Google them before posting an insulting and uninformed analysis of a young person photographed going about his life, or as it happens, simply gaining some recognition for a decent and cute cosplay at a comic convention.

        1. @Jezzy
          🤔Damn, where have you been for the past 6years or so. Those were some great words you laid on us while making your feelings quite clear to all. ~Without, I must agree, any name calling or really hard slamming as some tend to do here.
          💞Please by all means, visit and speak again soon, we need more commenters like you! …ƌℯѵιʟ

          1. ^^^ I completely agree with both of your comments. Especially in times like these we need more love and less hate! <3

        2. Yes, thank you for pointing out something that sucks so much joy from this blog on a daily basis and the reason I rarely read the comments anymore. I have known some of the “models” on this blog and they are real people. If you don’t find them hot then shut the fuck up because no one cares what you think. Thank you again for your well-stated response.

        3. Jezzy, thanks. I agree entirely.

          The miserable nit-picking noise from those “get off my lawn!” types serves only to to denigrate and depress. Furthermore, the consistency exposes it as intentional bullying.

      2. Jezzy
        “[Penboy’s] comment in this thread, however, is as ugly as any I’ve seen him make, ”

        Just exactly how is my comment “as ugly as any [you’ve] seen”? I started out disagreeing with horsey with his “monster” description. I then went to point out a fairly obvious point. How many tattoos does he show/have (that aren’t immediately visible)? Now, WHY does one get tattoos to begin with, not to mention when they get a vast number of them? To show them publicly, I’m pretty sure.

        Here’s the thing: How many very attractive [for now, we’ll use the typical “media version”, of attractive, i.e., a “model” or the “typical” acceptance of attractiveness since it will technically be different by nearly everyone on a personal basis] young people plaster their bodies with what appears to be random and rather useless markings just to project their attractiveness to the public at large? How many young people will seek out tattoos of the nature of above and put them where anyone can see them and then apply for well-paying jobs? Are there some? Yes, but only a very tiny fraction of the “mass.”

        If a boy is truly attractive — being told by parents constantly, teachers, many friends and even strangers, why would he use tattoos to “improve” his appearance in this regard? Do you find Justin Bieber more attractive with his 30 or so tattoos all over his body or do you, as I would guess most would say, is definitely more attractive without the tattoos?

        And I stand by what I said about his insecurity to put tattooes all over his body to project his appearance to the public. I feel very certain that if he truly feels he is/was very attractive before the tattoos, he wouldn’t need them to make his image more attractive — and that doesn’t discount that he’s probably trying to make a statement of some sort. But that “statement” doesn’t make him MORE attractive than without them.

        If you in particular love tattoos, so be it. Then my comment may not apply to you. But that doesn’t change what a “typical society” may think (and say) about someone walking around with a body full of tattoos, and certainly not working next to said person. Go ahead and think what you want. But (not knowing your age) you will soon need to confront what the society that you live in thinks about radical appearances. It’s up to you.

        Now, the hair: it’s just my opinion as I’ve offered it many times about hair styles and cuts. I tend to prefer a more “conservative look” for hair styles and cuts although I do prefer longer hair on young people. That’s my prerogative. I’m not concerned whether YOU like that or not.

        milkboys posts these images and videos for comments. The fact that YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL don’t like them, isn’t my concern, nor should it be. I’m offering my opinion, plain and simple. And, I’d put it out there, that I have more experience regarding many more things and experiences than you do. You don’t have to or need to like my opinions. That’s called your opinion.

        And, as far as “arrogance” is concerned, I’d say you show more arrogance than the likes of me. Very much the same as “kinkynuts” — and now it doesn’t seem to be JUST a coincidence that BOTH OF YOU are from the U.K. How about them cookies?

        1. Those “tattoos” perfectly match his cosplay. Have you considered that they’re fake and/or temporary?
          Not that it should fucking matter. It’s his body to do with as he damn well pleases.
          Oh no! He made himself less attractive to a judgemental asshat he’ll probably never meet and likely wouldn’t care for in the first place!
          Oh, and *I’m* not from the U.K. so you can fuck off with that bit of nonsense too.

          1. keira215:
            “Oh, and *I’m* not from the U.K. so you can fuck off with that bit of nonsense too.”

            But you’re too FUCKING STUPID to actually SEE that that post was to “jezzy” and NOT “you”.

            So, YOU FUCK OFF (and learn how to read comments).

        2. Penboy,

          I don’t know if it’s deliberate or subconscious but your responses are almost all a straw man and there’s no productive way to engage with them. I knew I was probably pissing in the wind and I certainly didn’t expect much in the way of agreement, but I’m a little depressed that nothing I said even seems to have been understood.

          The racist (nation-ist?) nonsense in your final paragraph shuts this down in any case.

          1. Jezzy:
            “The racist (nation-ist?) nonsense in your final paragraph shuts this down in any case.”

            Just to show how fucking stupid you are, that had NOTHING TO DO with “race” — I’m the same race, you fucking idiot.

            It was a reference to intelligence, but of course, (just like kinkynuts) you’re too fucking stupid to understand that.

        3. > Just exactly how is my comment “as ugly as any [you’ve] seen”?

          Well in this particular instance, your racism.

          Add to that the length and content of your latest diatribe and yeah – it’s the same old, same old.
          It’s astonishing just how much you don’t get it, or even care.

          1. Catflap:
            “Well in this particular instance, your racism.”
            Racism??? You really ARE fucking STUPID.

            “It’s astonishing just how much you don’t get it,”
            YOU clearly don’t get it, with incredibly stupid comments like that.

        4. keira215:
          “Have you considered that they’re fake and/or temporary?
          Not that it should fucking matter.”
          That’s immaterial to what I stated in my original post. I was referring to his IMAGE/APPEARANCE. Even if the tattoos are fake, while they’re on his body he has the same image as if they were permanent. How much fucking intelligence does it take to understand that simple concept?

          “It’s his body to do with as he damn well pleases.”
          Did I state that he COULDN’T HAVE tattoos? NO. So, what’s your fucking argument?


          The level of IMMATURITY from all these posts just because horsey and I offered our OPINIONS about the APPEARANCE of them is PATHETIC AND RAMPANT on this blog.

    2. You guys realize this is a costume, right? I’m not sure ‘defacing’ applies if it just washes off, a task for which I’m volunteering, btw.

      Just a shame that he didn’t get the shorts right.

  2. I love it! I love the whole costume, makeup, all of it.

    Even the tshirt is fantastic.

    Sometimes a little difference spices up the night. Although you’d surely have to use disposable sheets because most of that will wear off or run when things get really hot and he starts to perspire.

    You’d be surprised at the amount of sexual activity at cosplay events. You just always need to make sure that you’re getting the gender you think you are getting.

  3. Hi!
    I have searched on “Google Reverse Image”.
    Result: “suicide squad harley quinn joker sex reversal male version cosplay costume”
    So we see a fashion model wearing a costume = a cosplayer.

    I think that it’s difficult to say how old this model is.

  4. The comments on here are always terrible, how dare they get a tattoo, or get a piercing, they ruined their body. You are old creeps anyway thinking you get to control the bodies of guys half your age.

    1. ❦IMHO the best way to change the complexion of comments around here is for more people to comment. One doesn’t need to be derogatory to express their opinion even though you may find it hard not to jab at a certain post or person while forgetting they’re people also. Occasionally any of us can slip and join the let’s bash Johnny group but that’s generally called bullying in any other circumstance.

  5. I’m a 46 year old man, probably around the same age or younger than Horseslips and penboy. If nothing else certainly in their generation. I have a partner who is in art and advertising business and has taught me the beauty in things different than I have known. I grew up in a conservative area where this young man would be shunned as he has been here by some. What a refreshing take by Jezzy. I am so glad that I have met and can relate to different people. Thank you for the people pointing out this is only dress up play. I remember the crazy things I did as a younger man. Thank god young people can still pull off being crazy. Beautiful pic, beautiful boy, great dress up. Great responses! And most of all, thank you milkboys for your continued posting of things we can all enjoy or hate and come together to debate. What a great world we live in.

    1. I don’t agree. The human body is the most distinguished and developed species in nature. You cannot mess with it, as we shouldn’t with any other species. Some guy in the early 40’ies would have appointed this with “entartete Kunst”. Degenerating art. Nature always takes revenge on any abuse of hers. Our generation won’t be witnessing, but mankind shall destroy itself, as we can notice in such precursor as these.
      We are disrespecting ourselves that is.

      By the way…who is this ‘god’ you thank young people still can be, and so on?

      1. I’m not very sure where your post is going to Grazino. But I respect your right to say it. The “god” I say is just an expression, I could have just as well said “thank goodness” or simply nothing at all and just say, I”m glad young people can still pull off being crazy. What I meant is, his cosplay is great and I’m glad young people can do that, and want to do that. I think its a beautiful pic.

  6. It always amuses and amazes me how these Neo-Liberals can instantly become so illiberal when confronted by someone who does not share their views.

  7. Well, in consideration of all the enthusiasm and hard work that my critics went through, let me say, first, that I am flattered by all the attention (there’s no such thing as bad publicity), second, that I am encouraged by the level of outrage ( it was outrage that elected The Donald), third, I am respectful and impressed that my critics came at me with intelligence, civility, and decent grammar (especially Jezzy – thank you) and fourth, that I am grateful to Milkboys, the only site I’ve found of its kind, where the differences (diversity) among this community may be expressed freely and without administrative retaliation. Such inclusive, divergent, tolerance is rare among activists seeking…inclusion, divergence and toleration. They’re usually quite the totalitarians- not here – a most welcome and unique achievement.

    Finally, I accept everyone’s objections, and consider myself thoroughly and completely “called out.” Well done.

    1. It’s an interesting lesson that of the two people I targeted with my comments, the one who actually thought about the points I was trying to make and who responded calmly (without conceding any ground of course) was the one who is apparently most divergent from my political and ideological position. In doing so he was able to reinforce his own position without appearing to be inflexible. A conversation is possible in this atmosphere and if I thought it would help I could go on discuss the points cleverly disguised as contrition in Horselip’s response. I won’t, and he knows I won’t, because he’s shut down the debate as surely as Penboy’s effort, but without any of the frothing at the mouth and incoherent shouting.

      I think he might Google the post topic next time though, so let’s call that progress. Back to lurking for me!

      1. I can agree with your sentiments about the negativity our two fellow posters engage in, and enjoyed your refreshing writing (why not post more often?).

        I don’t think the term “woman hater”, which I believe you used to describe me in particular (as our resident anti-feminist), is a good label for all the ideas that I try to represent here.

      2. Actually I did misunderstand “cosplay,” I did Google it, and lo & behold I are now ed-ju-ma-ca-ted. Yep, that’s progress! Thanks again, Jezzy.

  8. What’s truly amazing, given that the above image may have “temporary” tattoos, is that my post was psychological in nature and quite obviously, QUESTIONING the “need” or desire to have tattoos.

    OK, if they are fake, so be it (exactly as I said about permanent ones). AGAIN, I was referring to the IMAGE he projects to a society. And, yes, MY OPINION is that I don’t like a body plastered with tattoos. AGAIN, MY OPINION ONLY.

    But the NUMBER AND LEVEL OF IMMATURITY OF THE ATTACKERS is truly mind blowing. It’s like, don’t any of you KNOW HOW TO READ?

    And I’m not backing down from MY OPINION.

    1. My dearest Penboy, you are, to a lot of people, a lot of things, but no one will ever accuse you of being, or mistake you for, a Gentleman. Now there, be a good lad, and STFU.

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