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    1. I can’t believe I never heard he had passed. Does anyone have any details about what happened?

    2. Yes, it’s always sad and tragic to hear of a young gay person that dies too soon or takes their life because they can’t find any satisfaction in living.

      I learned of his death the last time joshua posted this photo and others knew of his website and demise. It’s too bad. He was a very good looking boy and he may have experienced some of his potential before it ended.

    1. Sorry, Ken. You better shut up.
      What brings photoshop to your minds? Other pics taken prove: Only photos – no shop.

      1. i saw pictures of frank without photoshop and he was a very cute guy. but it seemed like every picture he put out got more and more heavily edited. he changed the whole shape of his face, kept giving himself blurry nosejobs. he didn’t had a six pack like that. and its just all really sad and can’t stand what happened.

    2. Those pics are all quite heavily produced, but so what? It’s part of the art of photography. Nobody complains when music undergoes production! If Frank produced them himself then he had quite a talent for it, as well as great imagination and cuteness.

  1. From a post I read, apparently from a girl who knew him, he was cyber bullied to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore. One wonders what he did to try and find support, but apparently it wasn’t sufficient. It’s a very sorry end to someone who clearly had a lot of talent.

    1. It was very depressing. He was constantly bullied for his photos. He was so beautiful that people made fun of him for it. It brought joy and happiness to so many of us who followed him and still follow the pages that celebrate his life. Sadly, the bullies got to him one day and he disappeared after a normal day. We all miss him and his story still brings us inspiration. A talented young man who lost his fight, someone who gave his all to help others

  2. It saddens me so much to hear about the death of this lovely boy. My condolences to all his family and friends.

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