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  1. I’m always jealous of super talented people. This guy is amazing with his grasp of visual effects and brilliant skills designing plus fabricating costumes. Even his posturing and facial expressions are perfection.

    I think he’d easily translate everything he’s capable of into significant success with more mainstream clothing and fashion.

    I hope he’s gay. No-one as good as he is deserves to be boring and straight.

  2. I don’t know …………. I need to see his lower torso before I can say he’s [posing] like the comic.

  3. He reminds me of a young model I met at a party many years ago. He invited me to his photo shoot the next day… where he’d be in hard core leathers, straddle a motorcycle and look tough.

    I said I’d come but stifled a smile… he was barely 5′ 6″, slender as a whip & looked about as tough as a fresh daisy. I couldn’t imagine him pulling off the scene he described.

    The photo shoot astonished me. The costume & props helped, but it was his chameleon personality that pulled the scene together. He looked genuinely fierce astride that bike… real acting skill.

    He’d displayed other skills astride me the night before… quite a talented young man.

  4. The top or first picture is as fake as any CG Tinkle Bell. The next is much more cute. Do merely figure you might want something of some original. So do try twice to give the address for some original SHOTA. Hope and try to make it clear.

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