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  1. That reminds me of the time I lost my virginity, 19 years past Halloween. He was out trick and treating (called Guising in Scotland) dressed as Spiderman. His brother (my two neighbours) was either Superman or Batman. But Spiderman I remember as he was my first They were both twins and 14. I was 11 and dressed as a Princess. I was nailed up against a Red Church door. It hurt like hell. Mind you I was sucking their cocks for months before that.

    1. Where’s the lube when you need it most!

      So, did he finish the deed and, em, leave the evidence in its proper place? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Quick question. Why are most Americans circumsized. regardless of religion? Is it the norm to do this? Unless denied by the parents, as, say, to the opposite in Scotland. As unless for medical or religious reasons this., especially without parental consent would constitute assault and indeed child abuse.

    1. I was left 100% anatomically correct (thanks Mom & Dad!), but I was the only one in my whole school that I knew of. Naturally I was an object of intense fascination among my jacking buddies. One fine day a family of Italian immigrants moved in next door – 3 sons, 2 daughters. I managed to do it with all three boys (one at a time of course) and was pleasantly surprised that they were intact as well. They each said they observed they were the only uncut boys in their schools as well. I guess we were it.

      In the USA during the 1950s, and at least through the 1980s, circumcision was routine and almost universal. Recently the procedure has fallen into some disfavor and only about half the baby boys are circumcised.

    2. You should brush up your history on Kellogs Cornflakes….
      And there you’ll find out why the USA tends to have moments of loopiness….

  3. Picture on the wall.
    hmmm. Think about it.
    Not the sort of art your mother would hang.

  4. Yes. They both left their deposits in their proper place. In my case my throbbing little ring piece and small anal canal.

  5. In our wild years time, lust and pleasure were systematically doomed and put away… Murder of the mind! Still very angry about that.

  6. I wonder how many erections (“on camera”?) Tom Holland got when he was wearing his suit?

    Btw, does anyone have any thoughts about David Mazouz who plays ‘Bruce Wayne’ in Gotham? He’s quite the cutie …. and we know he’s ‘cut’.

    1. That was from a particularly enjoyable scene fighting back the bully. (minus the peeled banana)

      Bruce Wayne has an interesting relationship with Officer/Dectective/Commissioner Gordon and, of course his “Butler” (who I’ve yet to see hold the door open for him).

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