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“Finn, an irresponsible young boy wearing seductively short shorts who schizophrenically socializes with his dangerous imaginary sex partners and experiments with cross-dressing.” Christwire in Is Adventure Time a Gateway Drug to LSD, Homosexuality, and the Rave Lifestyle?

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  1. ❦Oooh..I remember this gorgeous Finn cosplayer with the insulin pump on his delectably sweet stomach…ヅ

  2. WOOF! [apologies to Jake the dog]

    why Why WHY would anyone who knew any of Pendelton Ward’s work think ANYTHING but delightful visual entertainment + seven layers of festive innuendo, etc. would flow from his wonderful twisted brain is WAAAYYY beyond me…

    I might go to Hell [I’ll save seat for Milky’s, natch] BUT the idea of him being THIS outgoing / cool / cute / body positive, etc. [given the frequent impact of diabetes, I mean] is somehow even MORE cool…

    First person in suggest I would prey on sick boys gets an interwebs Bitch Slap… just sayin’

    Sick Boys need Love, too, ya know ;)~

    Thanks Josh!

    Regards from Texas!

  3. THIS guy needs (1) HIS pant a taking down and a making OFF (2) HIS ass spanking (3) HIS hat off (4) HIS being a making a friend (5) HIS belt a refuse to give back (6) HIS pant a refuse to return (7) HIS body a refuse to return (8) and HIS HE a make free to give here to meeee. NONSENSE. F U N ! [ does not look that stupid !☼♂ ]

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