Cops at Pride

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It took half a century, but this LGBT Pride month, the New York police department finally apologized for the infamous 1969 raid on the Stonewall gay bar. Some queer New Yorkers had a simple response: apology not accepted.

“It was a symbolic PR stunt,” said Colin P Ashley, a local queer black activist. “The NYPD is still an oppressive force in so many lives.” Ashley is part of Reclaim Pride, a coalition that wants more than a 50-year-late apology. The group wants police removed from Pride altogether.

Queer and trans activists across the US are engaging in “cops out of Pride” efforts this month, with protests and alternative “cop-free” events that seek to recognize the ongoing police mistreatment of LGBT people. These groups are pushing back against corporate-sponsored parades that embrace police in the name of “inclusion” and “unity” – and return to the radical and riotous roots of the movement.

“Police have often been a force of terror for queer and trans communities,” said Malkia Devich Cyril, a queer activist and leader in the group Movement for Black Lives, who said they won’t be attending San Francisco Pride due to the way police and corporations have co-opted it.

“The efforts to remove policing from Pride are really efforts to ensure safety for the communities that are there. It’s a protective act. It’s an act of resistance,” said Cyril, whose mother was a member of the Black Panthers. “It’s an act that attempts to restore some measure of safety to our rights to organize.”

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  1. Ban law enforcement … really? Too stupid to even merit a comment. Ban corporations? Excuse me, but the vast majority of Americans own, manage or work for businesses of every size and kind. How do these nutbergers expect us to earn a living without corporations? We all can’t be hookers.The wealth of organized labor comes from investing in stocks issued by management-run corporations.

    These ‘activists’ are nothing but Marxist snowflakes. It is far more damaging to the LGBT community to have Pride co-opted by these totalitarian radicals, which only embarrasses, and divides us from the mainstream, than to invite corporate participation, which unites us with the mainstream.

    These far-Leftist loons are the ones who should be banned from Pride, not the police, and certainly not businesses. And it needs to be done before the folks we want to accept us necessarily and unavoidably conclude Pride has completely lost its mind.

    1. The left has taken control over Pride and the movement, so banning them will be hard.

  2. sad part is they ain’t wrong to feel thretened by law enforcement, gay and minority police officers suffer internal abuse and “blue on blue” incidents all the time. Corporations will say the stand with us then shamelessly donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti gay PAC’s and right wing think tanks. Trans women routinely suffer horrendous conditions in holding cells and prisons across America and frankly as long as these conditions persist any apology by law enforcement is empty rhetoric at best and spin doctoring at worst.

  3. Some blacks hate whites as much as some whites hate blacks. Some seek out the other to kill. Am aware of this from personal experience. — Cops are definitely enforcers of law & order but are defenders and soldiers on the street for and of the Establishment. They are of the killers of workers on strike against the establishment of lower wages. Cops serve and protect as such is of current interpret. — There are now lots of black cops. Do they stop any violence ? — Black supremacy is as equal to White supremacy.

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