Concrete Night

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A fourteen-year-old boy in a stifling Helsinki slum takes some unwise life lessons from his soon-to-be-incarcerated older brother.

In a recurring nightmare, Simo (Johannes Brotherus), a 14-year-old with a sweet, open face, swims around an underwater train car, desperately looking for exits. The reality to which he awakens is only marginally less hopeless. Simo lives in a cramped public housing project with his alternately neglectful and manipulative mother (Anneli Karppinen) and Illka (Jari Virman), the troubled big brother he looks up to for lack of other viable role models.


On a weekend night before Jari “goes inside,” the two brothers wander around a Finnish capital self-consciously drenched in noir tropes. In their encounters with druggies, enforcers, Illka’s masochistic girlfriend, one excruciatingly stereotyped gay predator and the traumatized dreamlife inside Simo’s head (where scorpions abound), the brothers both witness and collaborate on atrocities of accelerating brutality, all of them lovingly fussed over by an overbearingly poetic camera.

Concrete Night (Original Title: Betoniyö)
Release: 2013, Finland | IMDb | Website

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  1. ❦Caught the first 12 minutes of it with Eng/Subs on YouTube.
    The entire movie was also available with Spanish subs but that’s all I could find. Most probably I would’ve continued watching it if it was more than just those four short parts which did hold my interest. Definitely quirky though!😀

  2. Know that the film has gotten rave reviews from many other critics. Not saying who is right, just that perhaps you shouldn’t let this one put you off. There may be more than just the nudity . . . not that that isn’t quite enough.

  3. I watched this and really have no idea what the point of it was/is. I shan’t waste time watching anything else from this source.

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