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  1. He needs to be cloned over and over and over. Let’s be honest about what he’s talking about. It’s about being true to one self and not be a fake to please or be accepted by everyone. It really goes far beyond coming out as gay.

  2. So frkn cute.

    But yes. I have a bisexual friend who has this sort of pride (in an opposite sort of way) about having to come out to people, cus’ he says it’s not their business or whatever, or because it can put his social life at risk (sometimes in a violent and harmful way). And I guess I kind of agree with him to a certain point (I always hated the whole self-ostracizing or self-labeling part of LGBT identity expressions like our own parades and pubs and sht). But I just can’t get the point across to him that both the hardest and coolest part of coming out is the effect it has on oneself! That is, as a social manifestation of self-acceptance.

    The furthest I got to convincing him is that there is a huge difference between coming out to your mom (who probably won’t beat you up for being gay or bi, except if you live somewhere in the bible belt) and coming out to any random person out there in the street who still has stone-age mentality. It seems to me that not coming out to your mom or dad or friends makes you and accomplice of all that part of society that discriminates against other LGBT kids, and that’s just as bad as a person as you can be, because your are making younger kids’ lives harder than they could be. So there is also a sort of social responsibility involved in coming out I guess –one that needs to be minded constantly.

    Cheers Troy. You rock.

    1. LOL i think i know what friend you´re referring to… XD glad to find you here too XD this world is so f… small

  3. The good ones make it look so easy: just prattle charmingly on for 8 minutes without pausing for breath or tripping over your tongue. (I realize they edit it to buggery and back, but still…) Everyone seems to think “Hey, it’s just talking; I could do that.” Well, thousands of kids all over the world are trying and very, very few are succeeding. Just a little food for thought.

  4. Troy Sivan (Mellet?) – “such stuff as dreams are made on” (William Shakespeare, who I am sure wouldn’t mind)!

  5. @Kvn3el
    “I just watched his movies today! Spud, Spud 2, and Spud 3. He’s a great actor too.”

    ❦Thanks for mentioning that! Just checked Amazon Video and found all 3 films are now available for rent. It took forever to get “Spud” after it came out and I figured it would take eons to get the others too. Think his popularity on YouTube has speeded up the release of his movies over here being so many more are now aware of him compared to when his first movie,(based on the book/s) was released in SA with him in the lead. He is the perfect Spud, those eyes just don’t let you go!

  6. Gawd! That boy does talk fast and there was some pretty dodgy editing in there, but he’s so cute he is forgiven for all that. Good incite into what happens after coming out too.

    1. @Delz (and also Bob, above):
      “I realize they edit it to buggery and back, but still…” ………… and …….
      “That boy does talk fast and there was some pretty dodgy editing in there, but he’s so cute …”

      I applaude his intent, but …

      His ‘instant’ edits made what is a great message content very annoying in its presentation (to me, anyway). If he wants to reach a better, larger viewership, he needs to learn smooth editing with proper timing.

      1. He’s got 3,326,530 subscribers on YouTube alone.

        No one cares what a dribbly arsed, incontinent, incoherent bigot thinks !

      2. hah, He is probably one of the most watched teen youtubers out there, I don’t think is viewership could get much wider! lol

        1. @kinkyshit, wheatfields:

          I don’t give a shit how many he has …. his edits are incredibly ANNOYING. He needs to know this.

          1. It’s en vogue to edit that way. Teens and millennials eat that shit up. I personally think it’s because people that age are ADHD schizos who find the unpredictable and rapid nature of that style engaging.

            Anyway, no one markets to anyone else on the internet other than girls, teens, teen girls, and millennials.

  7. What happened for TWO DAYS? I was in the middle of posting in this thread when the entire side disappeared.

  8. What I find truly incredible about Troye is how, even after coming out, his fan base seems to be heavily weighted with teen and pre-teen girls. I’m glad that his fans stuck with him but it does amaze me somewhat that girls are worshipping a gay man (he will be 20 next month). More power to him!

  9. @Bruce
    ❦Well, cute is cute and those eyes are to die for!

    @ penboy
    “What happened for TWO DAYS? I was in the middle of posting in this thread when the entire side disappeared.”
    ☞Didn’t you check Twitter right away or get an em from the board telling you the blog was temporally down?

    1. I don’t have twitter but that’s not relevant.

      I was in the middle of posting my 2nd comment. This should have been
      posted IN HERE before it happened.

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