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Coming out to friends and family can be a hurdle, but coming out to a group of strangers in a public setting is another feat entirely. That didn’t keep Benton Sorensen from coming out as transgender during a class presentation about inspiration. After showing a picture on the overhead projector of a young girl with a pretty smile and long, light brown hair, Sorensen confidently shares his story of female-to-male transitioning with a classroom full of strangers.

Our society places an incredible amount of pressure on all of us to fit its predetermined heteronormative standards of sexuality, sometimes making it difficult for any person on the queer qpectrum to find a voice. But Sorensen’s experiences shared in both his class PowerPoint as well as on his YouTube vlog make him a fearless proponent for trans education and acceptance. “Our professor assigned us an ‘inspiration’ project,” he writes in the video’s description. “We had the freedom to do whatever we wanted with it, so I thought it was a great opportunity to come out to my new class and tell them that I am a female to male transgender.”

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  1. In my practice and throughout my work with at-risk kids, my favorite stories have been transgender successes, and sadly there are not enough of them. The best thing I ever heard from the father of a female-to-male transgender boy, was this, “I really hate it when people ask if I mourn the daughter I lost while celebrating the son I gained. I don’t see it that way at all. He’s still the same kid! I don’t mourn a lost daughter, I rejoice in having a child who is now whole!” That’s a parent who gets it.

  2. Very cute FTM there. Often, the first couple of years on testosterone they look like a 15yo boy (and have the sex drive of one, too, I might add) even if in their late 20s. Complete with adenoidal adolescent voice. :-)

  3. It’s easier to tell strangers these things than friends or family. Particularly because I care what my friends and family think of me

  4. Permit me to be incredibly shallow and only comment on how hot he is. (Yes, I love his story, his courage, the acceptance of his classmates and the fact that such personal histories are almost matter-of-fact today whereas someone like this would have most likely spent their entire life in hell just a two of generations ago, but my first reaction was “Wow, he’s cute! I wonder what it would be like to go to bed with him were such a thing even remotely possible, given our age difference and my corresponding lack of cuteness.”)

    1. What I’ve learned is that it’s a big, big world and out there, there might be someone willing to give you what you need, who might surprise you. Finding them on the other hand, being introduced in the right way, etc…, is the lifelong challenge.

      I can also tell you what it’s like to go to bed with someone like Benton. This photo (above) is within the first year of their transition, when testosterone essentially puts them in the middle of male puberty. Fine (one might say feminine) features, much like a very fine 15yo boy’s face, and with, for lack of a better way of putting it, a “front door” down below… and a sex drive which one would more normally associate with biologically born males. Before long, the testosterone has some of the same effects as it does on males: soon after puberty, a beard, more chiselled masculine features, muscles, etc.

      Many FTMs begin life as lesbian women. After transition, about half of those who used to like only women start liking men and of those many will identify as “gay” (some use the term “transboi/transfag”). You can find them on gay personals sites or mobile apps.

    2. Permit me to be incredibly shallow and only comment on how the parenthetical remark is all that was necessary for you to post. :-)

      1. @penboy
        ☞Permit me to be incredibly shallow and only comment that it wasn’t necessary for you to post at all…

        1. Well done!! Allow me to present to you our own milkboys’ AWARD for the the terminally pre-pubescent over-50 year-old for doing what you mommy and priest always tells you and for lashing out against critical thinking.

          Be sure to have your dictionary handy so you can look up that big word.

  5. This guy goes to my school. I don’t know him well but he’s a very intelligent young man, and I might have a tiny crush on him. I was surprised to see this, mostly because everybody here has forgotten that this happened and briefly put the internet spotlight on us. If I were close with him I would probably point him towards here to see that people are still talking about him with such positive words.

    1. Wait. You actually know Benton? You should totally thank him for posting his inspirational story.

  6. This is such a good thing to hear and see. It makes me happy that those stories exist. Thanks Josh for posting this video.
    And, since I have not posted since a while, many thanks for bringing this blog back online. Like for me I am sure also for many others this blog became an important pillar in my life, connecting us to eachother, giving us every day (or so) the good feeling of not being alone.
    Please do not give up the blog, those weeks lately you were greatly missed! Well, not all the persons above here were missed, but that should not keep us from staying together through your blog. Please let us know whenever there are problems where we could help!

  7. OK. Ever since you posted this thread with the image (as a male) of Benton Sorensen, I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember just who it is he looks so much like. I first thought it might be a movie actor, then a TV actor. I couldn’t remember the name and where I saw his ‘look-alike’. ……….. Until this morning.

    Now, honestly, I’m a little bit embarrassed about who it is Brenton looks like so much. I finally remembered that it was in several videos that I’ve seen “that face” — gay porn! He looks so much like like “Tyler Evans” [if that’s his real name] of Broke Straight Boys.

    OK, I admit it, I’ve watch a few (hee, hee) porn videos. But, if you would like to see his [facial] “double”, here’s his picture:
    There’s no nudity on this page, so it’s safe to look.

    OK, I’m ready for the whips and chains now. :-)

  8. UGH … I guess I will get away with this only so long … but there is no such thing as DNA male nor a DNA female, a DNA boy a nor a DNA girl, nor any DNA nor neurologically built in ‘notion’ of gender. Your reactions to those others you meet seem to be so ‘built in’ but they are not respective gender wise, as gender is, by what is presented here, is a purely and absolutely a social intercourse / interpretation / name, not a sexual urge based on in-born neurological reactions. THEREFORE, the transgender and transsexual reality is sociologic, not inborn. QED by your own presentations. Love this site for this as well as much more. sorry to interrupt.

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