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Reclusively withdrawn Tobias is hospitalised in a psychiatric institution where he meets the Emil, a boy with an entirely different view on life and the situation he and Tobias are in. The two develop a close friendship that puts the mind and boundaries of Tobias to the test.

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  1. One has to wonder, if this was America and not Denmark, which one of these guys will eventually shoot up his high school and commit suicide as the cops close in. Oh well.

    One might also wonder what Helix studios could do with models like Tobias and Emil, goodness, they’re both so beautiful.

      1. Yep. My guess is the cute one would shoot up the school ;)
        Its funny @oaksong that I almost stopped watching before the end because I was getting a bit bored, but I’m glad I finished it so I got the point of the movie.

  2. Great little movie with a fantastic twist. “Tobias” is also in a music video with a gay theme.

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