Cobra Club: A Dick Pic Game

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dickpicsIf you’re into weird video games about sex that carry some form of social critique within, you might have heard of indie developer Robert Yang. Creator of games as Succulent (where you suck a phallic object while travelling through dimensions) and Stick Shift (about jerking off a gay car), Yang is the master of making games that while odd & sexual, carry an interesting and intellectual message.

Over the weekend, Yang released his newest free game, Cobra Club. So, what do you do in Cobra Club? You take a whole bunch of interactive dick pics, send them to people on a fake social media program and get sent other dicks to look at.

Set your dick length, level of erection, girth, ball size, ball bias, pose, lighting, filters, rotation, skin tone and zoom. Get that perfect dick pic and send it to every hot guy who wants it. Add some sparkle, turn off the safety limiters, see dicks as they were always meant to be seen.

While it may on the surface appear to be just a silly experience, Cobra Club has a real level of depth and social commentary hidden within it. You’ll have to dive quite far down the dick photography rabbit hole to find it, but the game makes some really interesting points about body image and online data security.

The photo above is there just for illustration and has nothing to do with the game ;) If you want to see actual screenshots check out this in-depth review here.

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  1. 20 minutes later; I´m still not sure what I´m doing, but I feel this weird urge to upload some dick picks and a weird craving for some uncut cocks in return…. *ehm ehm*

    1. What’s wrong with diversity? Why can’t everyone be represented? This site wouldn’t be as appealing if only uncut europeans were shown. And it’s not like only Americans are shown, there’s always been a mix here. Just enjoy what you get and don’t try to limit the experience or representation of others.

  2. I know that America dominates porn like everything else but can we have some unhacked cock sometime? Some of us are in Europe :)

    1. @Matteob:
      “Some of us are in Europe”

      Yes, so you should look EAST — several of those slavic states puts out just as much porn as “we” (USA) do. Also, look to RUSSIA ….. they put out enough porn to snuff out “our” (USA) industry as well. Finally, look to YOUR OWN ISLAND (GB) ….. they’re putting a healthy [sic] amount of gay porn as well.

      1. No offence just meaning to say that all the US stuff is circumcised guys which are not my thing. Also you find that most of the Eastern European boys get themselves cut to appeal to the US market. Very rarely do I see intact young guys in porn to be honest with you….oh well.

        1. @Matteob:
          “No offence just meaning to say that all the US stuff is circumcised guys which are not my thing.”

          Sorry, but in today’s market, that’s bullshit. Yes, many of our boys are still circumcised, but so are many Euros as well, not to mention so many of the Latin catholics, muslims, etc. And, yes, way back when (60s & 70s), most of “ours” were circumcised, but then proportionally, so were many Britains and other religious family boys.

          Most guys doing any sort of porn today are uncircumcised because of the drop in numbers being circumcised at birth throughout the world and as religion is [way too slowly] on the decline.

    2. There is plenty of that on this site and elsewhere. You can see it whenever you like. You’re not being wronged just because others are represented too.

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