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A boy in his teens develops a crush on a grown woman only to discover she is also attracted to him. In this controversial drama from France. Marion (Emmanuelle Bercot) is a headstrong and free-spirited woman in her early thirties who heads to the seacoast for a short vacation that coincides with the birthday of her godson Benoit (Kevin Goffette). Benoit and his friends are just old enough to be enthralled with any conversation involving sex, and Marion humors them by joining in their talks on the beach about the mysteries of women.


Marion soon gets to know one of Benoit’s friends, Clement (Olivier Gueritee), and the interest between them becomes more than just friendly; some good-natured horseplay stirs a desire between them, and after the two share a kiss on the beach, Clement is obsessed with Marion. While she’s unsure about starting a relationship with a boy less than half her age, Marion can’t deny her feelings for Clement, and before long she and the youngster are lovers. One night, Clement appears at Marion’s doorstep, announcing he’s run away from home and wants to move in with her; Marion isn’t sure what to tell the boy, knowing the foolishness of such a move even though she does love him, and soon Clement is crestfallen, certain that Marion no longer cares for him. Clement was written and directed by Emmanuelle Bercot, who also stars as Marion; the film was shown in the Un Certain Regard series at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, where it received the Young Cinema Award.

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  1. I think this sort of thing happens quite often, really. Culture, society is quite rigid and it results in ‘sexual outlaws’ which really aren’t outlaws at all.

      1. We just had a case here in Tucson where 2 female high school teachers were having 3-somes with a 16 year old boy who was in their classes. The school, the cops, the press, all considered the boy a victim. Victim my ass, that stud’s a LEGEND!

        1. LOL!

          A “legend” indeed!

          For a 30-something female teacher, married or not, I guess the allure of a never-gets-soft-teen-boy-penis is simply too ‘hard’ to resist and plain unadulterated lust takes over.

        2. Years ago Paul Goodman, who made no secret of his love for adolescent boys, wrote that the hysteria when such relationships are discovered are likely to cause more damage to the youth than any alleged “abuse” or exploitation. And he wrote that years ago, when such affairs were rarely ever mentioned in the media. And teachers who’ve dealt with that age can tell you some boys as well as some girls can be quite consciously seductive and tempting.

  2. CLÈMENT was released on DVD in February 2015 over here in Germany … after having been forgotten for many years. It’s a fascinating movie.

  3. I’d watched the movie some time ago and found it so pleasant. The beauty of the boys as well as trading love make this movie so desirable. I also liked it because a boy himself begins such a relation. Consider! A boy who has fallen in love. Is it possible?! This has been my wish in the whole of my life which has never happened for me. I also believe that heterosexuals may enjoy love and sex better than homosexuals. I love young boys like Clement. I think I may not be a complete homosexual for loving them, because I’ve no sense about adult boys, eg. 25 years old, etc. I put myself in place of Marion and… what a create life would be.
    A note about when the couple tries something like a honeymoon. Everything is ok, until the moment Marion tries to go deeper with him and he rejects her try. That messed my dream and couldn’t figure out how a boy who is in love with me (Marion) could do so. Maybe his feelings changed. I’m still confused about the moment. Otherwise, the movie is excellent. This movie beside movies like For a lost soldier, You are not alone, Death in venice, etc. has been my favorite movies.

  4. It seems that Clement is avoiding what he needs to find when he gets close to it because of morality. It seems that he feels that he’s too young for the next steps.

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