Meet CJ, America’s youngest Pride Grand Marshall

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CJ Duron made history as the youngest ever Pride Grand Marshall at the 2018 Orange County Pride. Read more about him and his story over here.

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  1. What next? A gay penguin as Grand Marshall? Nothing against this kid, but I just don’t see the connection to what I’ve ever lived through as a gay boy or man.

    1. “What next? A gay penguin as Grand Marshall?”


      “but I just don’t see the connection to what I’ve ever lived through as a gay boy or man.”

      How about this? In 2013, USA made same-sex marriage legal … finally … in every State. So, by association alone, that should make every very young romance … i.e., “crushes” essentially not only legal, but acceptable in American society. But it “hasn’t” — from the bullying, religious sectors of every State’s societies. We should NOW be not just recognizing when a 10-15 or 16 y.o. boy has his first romances at those ages, we should also be accepting of those young romances … even encouraging them.

      But our totally fucked-up religious communities — i.e., their churches (the entire lot of them) — just won’t let that happen “over their dead bodies” [we should only be so lucky]. They [collectively — most of their parents who won’t teach their offspring simple decency] keep bullying and assauting these younger LGBTQ children to the point of suicide [the numbers are still staggering].

      So, while homosexuality is somewhat, to varying degrees “acceptable,” these kids are still going through their own emotional hell because of the “time-honored” [read: privilege] acceptance of stupid religious beliefs through ignorant parents.

      I’d say there’s a connection to your growing up and their growing up — it’s just different, but the oppression is still there — in spades.

    2. Pride is for everyone. No single person could ever represent everyone. So I don’t see a problem with a grand marshall you personally can’t identify with. There are many people who will.

      1. I don’t see a “problem” with a gay marshal I can’t identify with. Nor do I see a problem with my expressing my opinion on the matter. It’s probably good for the gay community that soon the majority of the gay pride participants will be straight young girls dragging along their boyfriends, but I have no desire to go to that parade even as a spectator. It’s also good that gay men can now marry and have children and that white picket fence only young women used to long for. Not quite so good that they are now as intolerant of any other kind of gay as straights used to be. Time marches on and my selfish longing for the bad old days when it was a lot more dangerous and just a little more “special” is not going to change it . . . though a Trumpian version of the Third Reich might. The Internet is still a place (not for long, I fear) where we can express our thoughts even if they are not of the current mainstream variety. As a straight female art dealer I knew in Paris used to say: “In the old days, gay were ballet dancers, artists, writers, fashion designers, now JUST ANYBODY is gay.” Of course it was silly and we all knew it was, but there was just a hint of longed-for truth in it.

        1. “The Internet is still a place (not for long, I fear) where we can express our thoughts even if they are not of the current mainstream variety.”

          Given that I just had a comment here, on milkboys, in this thread, removed (for a very good reason I’m sure) quite clearly shows that the time period before the internet turns bad might have a negative value. It wouldn’t have happened back when milkboys was run by a radical, young German anarchist.

          If we want a tolerant, diverse gay movement we have to start a new one. The old one has been lost forever – and it’ll probably die within a decade.

  2. Cute. What if some day they would even choose a boyish boy who has dirt on his elbow and a band aid on his knee, who’s a power uke with an older boyfriend and who gives the finger to police officers, feminists, god wankers and liberal middle class lgbtqia+ moralists alike. A bold little rascal of an anarchist punk. Now that would be *really* revolutionary. So it’s not something the glammy, dishonest and intellectually bankrupt rainbow elite would allow in their polished festivities.

    Still, he’s cute so one shouldn’t complain too much I guess. :/

    1. lol, I like how you define anarchist as “not liberal” Instead of just admitting you want to see a more conservative bent!

  3. I find him adorable and it’s great they picked him, but yeah, it seems lgbtqia+ is just a more difficult way of spelling feminine (and, strangely enough, feminism, which isn’t that feminine an idea), at least when it comes to males. Give us rascals who love air rifles, street football and a bit of tumbling just for fun.

  4. While it is good that anyone from the whole spectrum is a good choice and I’m happy for them if that is what they want, when I was his age I was a boy who liked boys, no flip flops or whatever. All the many boys who were being with other boys, most were boys being with boys. Yes, there was persecution and there still is, and there shouldn’t have been. Yes, most of the boys changed over to ‘straight’ in the next decade, due in part to the persecution. I don’t see that ‘queer’ requires change overs, that is one thing I like about Troye Sivan.

    1. The whole point is that kids should be able to express who they are. Kids like CJ are not dressing up in a costume to appear more gay or something, they’re presenting themselves the way the feel. Asking them to act or dress more straight would be asking them to play dress up.

      1. I think sidog is criticising the people running the event, not the boy.

        I think it was great they chose him. They should pick boyish boys too, but not at the expense of him.

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