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  1. Ok, you know, it’s pretty much an open secret that nonetheless gets little play in the media, any media, BUT … sex workers tend to have a LOT MORE to offer the world than what they do beneath the sheets. Painters, day traders, singers, dancers, writers, actors, mechanics, you name it, someone in the extended adult entertainment industry can do it at the highest levels. This was a solid example. It really does break my heart how much our global culture misses when they miss this reality hiding right in plain sight. The pity of it is, the biggest reason for this lack of awareness is, in my opinion at least, that it was only their sex work that earned them a livable income in a world that doesn’t value very much that’s inside us. I don’t ever see this changing. But I do see this as a personal reminder to keep looking past appearances and celebrate those wonderful, rare moments where we get a glimpse into reality. Thanks for posting this, Em.

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