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  1. A gorgeous young man. Check out his Instagram page. There’s one (only one!) pic with him smiling. The smile lights up his face beautifully.

  2. he recently posted a photo showing all (from behind) maybe that’ll get posted soon.

  3. as usual, this creep does not understand the picture. how this is sexy? this seems is about a dollar drop at he corner beggar player. — oh. now figure it some thing to bed bout …mmmm.

  4. It’s a pity and a poor reflection on you ‘copycat’ that your post is so negative and insulting. This is meant to be a friendly community , what ever ones taste in lads. Lets keep it that way.

  5. This here writer is a homo queer creep caatterwall. Am publically obvious. Under the law, am a pervert, YES, the LAW does write it so. — Have some itty bit of a teeny weeny tiny what of a dick … but am is as full of sex & xxxx as you. This’s failure to understand any ting is This’s personal failure. YOUR failure to understand is YOUR failure.

  6. My thought was burning man also. It looks like it with the dust blowing in the back and the flat dry ground. Anyone know what year this was taken? I was to burning man 6 times. I am getting ready to do it again. Would love to see him on the playa.

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