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On the heels of the ‘gay conversion therapy‘ drama Boy ErasedCBS Sunday Morning took a look at the harmful and useless practice, as well as its ridiculous methods, like “cuddle therapy,” but it sadly gave way too much a platform to the proponents of this dangerous and debunked practice in an effort to appear “fair and balanced”.

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  1. No wonder it’s not fully fair and balanced, when you look at the kind of petty-bourgeois dinosaurs they use as interviewers, with a show aimed at pitying the gays and mildly denouncing gay conversion therapies.

    Even the most satirical comedy shows have the same introductions with a stern male voice from a 1950s era “and now ladies and gentlemen the great Stephen Colbert/Trevor Noah/Seth Meyer/…”, some even have black musicians bands like the “nigger bands” they used to have at the time, all the hosts are dressed like penguins (nothing personal against Tango) with penguin co-hosts in their 70s (Kimmel), remnants from a TV show format from last millennium (literally) that completely clashes with their younger audience. Despite all that, they manage gay conversion criticisms much better than this CBS show.

  2. I’m flipping my lips over this one: Lemme see, if I go to conversion therapy I get to cuddle with lots of other guys…that’s like putting a New York Cheesecake Factory restaurant on the campus of a fat farm. Open bar at the AA meeting?

    CBS knows that according to polls 75% of the audience believes the mainstream media puts out fake news, and, of course, the audience is right. To make the point legitimately, and to hammer that point home, CBS had to give lip service to both sides. The few people who won’t draw the necessary conclusions are unreachable anyway. Aside from those few, everybody else will get the message loud and clear.

  3. I am a firm believer in gay conversion. I believe straight lads can be trained and reprogrammed to be gay.

    1. I think straight lads already come that way. Truth be told, I would bet more str8 boys have taken a walk on the wild side than gay boys have. Seriously, what promiscuous gay hasn’t had more str8 guys than he can count? I know I have.

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