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    1. Hugo just takes m to movie previews, but the Bridge Twink BJ video is super hot. Yeah, he can’t be more than 15-ish. He’s got great staying power to last that long through a blowjob. I bet he’d be a great fuck.

      1. I agree. I’m surprised anyone answered me as my post disappeared 15 minutes after I posted it. Hugo site is a black circle with Hugo written on it. Click that and you get a pic of a blond Dutch boy
        Click on any of his videos.

      2. Horsie. I meant to add. Go into YouTube. Put in the name Hugo. Up comes a list of sites. Click the one with a lack circle with Hugo on it about 4 down. This will take you to hugos site. A blond Dutch boy with a wicked sense of humour.

      3. Just checked the site. Now if you type Hugo into YouTube it is now the top site. It’s the first one you come across. A black circle with Hugo written on it. When you go into it you see his face with his blond hair. Enjoy his videos.

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