YouTuber Daniel Howell came out

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Daniel Howell, a YouTuber from the UK with 6.5 million subscribers came out in a video titled Basically I’m gay. “We live in a heteronormative world,” the 27-year-old says. “What this means is that most people are presumed to be straight so, if you’re not, at some point you have to come out. So yep: I’m here, I’m queer and don’t worry, I’m still filled with existential fear.”

In the 45-minute video, Howell goes on to explain his coming out journey, why he has decided to do so now, and just what queerness means to him.

Lasting Marks

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The story of sixteen men put on trial for sadomasochism in the dying days of Thatcher’s Britain was told by the police, the prosecution and the tabloid press — but not by those in the dock.

Lasting Marks is the story of a group of men, brought together through their shared sexual desires, and the vice investigation (named ‘Operation Spanner’) that followed when the police acquired a video tape of these acts being performed, Lyne delves into a somewhat forgotten, historic case in this informative and engaging film.


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“As a transgender woman… when I try to psychoanalyse myself, I find that my desire to look female, to look feminine and to look beautiful are not exactly the same but they’re so woven so tightly that it’s kind of difficult to untangle them… the truth is I don’t just want to look female, I want to be beautiful.”

Watch YouTuber ContraPoints masterfully untangle our society’s obsession with beauty in the video below.


Inside the school for trans kids

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A school believed to be the first in the world predominantly for transgender children and their siblings opened in Chile last year. It is named after the Mexican transgender politician Amaranta Gómez Regalado, and caters for children aged between 6 and 17.

Many of the students dropped out of their previous schools once they began to transition. They learn traditional subjects like maths, science, history, English and art and take part in state exams.

Homophobes extremely upset over drag kid in Converse ad

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Earlier this week Converse announced that they partnered up with the drag queen Desmond is Amazing for a campaign advertising their new pride sneakers.

Within hours conservative commentators were calling for a boycott of the brand. Some even urged their audience to call Child Protective Services and ask them to investigate Desmond’s parents for child abuse.

“The conservative media is up in arms about Desmond being featured in Converse’s new Pride campaign,” Desmond’s mother said. “They are suggesting that Converse promotes pedophilia.”

The family was investigated by CPS for several months earlier this year because people kept reporting Desmond’s parents every time he made a public appearance. The CPS reports found no abuse or maltreatment.

Meanwhile Desmond said that he is proud to be part of the campaign. “He is spreading the message that it is okay for kids to explore their identity and express themselves, without shame, without hiding.” his mother added.