Underdare Shopping

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Oh, the horrors of vertical video :( I don’t have any program to edit it at the moment. I’ll look into it for future videos, if you have any advice, leave it in the comments! Hope you get some enjoyment out of this one anyway ;)


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This video was posted here seven or eight years ago. The original has probably been long-lost since but some guy downloaded it from here and re-uploaded it to YouTube (and got 30k views on it in the process). It’s just random video, the quality didn’t improve from all the down- and uploading but it’s a cute blast from the past so have it once again before we all move on with our lives ;)

Itchy Showers

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Prank videos aren’t exactly the epitome of quality content on YouTube but every now and then they’re good for something. Like… teenies in the shower. I need to ask you though not to pause the video at 4;44. That would make you a perv.

Submitted by gmike