People can change

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27-year-old YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf is best known for his 2015 viral video in which he shared his Grindr messages with his mother, but the process of coming out to his dad was very difficult.

Speaking to Brendan O’Connor on Cutting Edge on RTE One on Wednesday night, Riyadh said he came out to his Irish mother first but they kept the news from his Iraqi father for a further nine months.

“He was brought up Muslim and in Islamic culture and in that world, as many of us know, it’s not okay to be gay most of the time. It’s full of shame, it’s full of fear. It’s seen as a sickness. It’s just not good.”

He said his father took it “incredibly difficultly” and revealed that his mother’s “main fear” was how to break the news to her husband. And their worst fears came true when Riyadh’s father attempted suicide. But things changed dramatically since. Watch the short video below :)

A Valentine’s Kiss

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A Valentine’s Day video of a schoolboy in South Africa standing in the school yard waiting to surprise his Valentine has started to go viral for all the right reasons.

As he waits with a bouquet of flowers, a gift and an ‘I Love You’ balloon, he is surrounded by his very excited class mates. Moments later another schoolboy emerges from the building to excited screams, and the two embrace before kissing each other on the lips.

My Heroes

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A heartwarming short Halloween film challenging gender identity and stereotypes has gone viral.

The film, titled My Heroes, features a family preparing for Halloween. The children can be seen carving pumpkins with their father before the mother reveals the two costumes the children had requested; Batman and Wonder Woman.

The parents accompany their kids as they go trick or treating, watching from afar as they knock on doors while their father looks worried. When the night is over, the parents put the children to bed and we finally see… well, you’ll see ;)

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