The gay 90s & sitcoms

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TV is gayer than ever which is great news. But even back in the 90s there were plenty of queer characters on the small screen. But a lot of the representation 20+ years ago was more problematic than progressive. Shows routinely pushed stereotypes and cliches and more often than not the gay characters were the butt of the joke and not much else.

Matt Baume’s YouTube show Culture Cruise takes a closer look LGBTQ representation in the sitcoms of the 90s with a special focus on Frasier, a show that in some regards was ahead of its time.

Like Cattle Towards Glow

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Films that are a bit out there are your thing? Major film studios trying to be edgy by putting some tweens into an R-rated film and have them say fuck a bunch doesn’t cut it? No problem, Dennis Cooper got you covered.

Like Cattle Towards Glow by Cooper and visual artist Zac Farley is a collection of short stories exploring the darker side of teen sexuality. And it’s not holding back. Read more…

Drag Kids

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TV veteran Megan Wennberg has spent most of her career working as a script supervisor on shows like Quantico and Trailer Park Boys, as well as directing several short films. Now, what began as a short television documentary turned into a full feature documentary: Drag Kids.

The documentary  focuses on four young drag queens from around the world: Stephan/Laddy Gaga from Spain; Jason/Susan Bee Anthony from the US; Bracken, a female hyperqueen in Canada and fellow Canadian Nemis/Queen Lactatia.

The pint-sized drag troupe comes together to learn from one another and perform during a Montreal Pride event, and plenty of glittering, heel-wearing hijinks ensue.

Drag Kids had its stateside debut at NewFest in New York earlier this week and a wide release will follow next year (I’ll post it here of course if it should become available for free).

Deep End

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Deep End is set at the end of the ’60s in a decidedly unglamorous and unswinging London (though actually filmed, very persuasively, in Hamburg), Skolimowski’s pleasingly skewed variation on the coming-of-age sex comedy posits a bizarre, totally unsentimental education for its adolescent protagonist.

The somewhat naïve school-leaver Mike takes a job at the local swimming baths, where he becomes obsessed with an attractive young woman, Susan, who works there as an attendant. Although Susan has a fiancé, Mike does his best to sabotage the relationship, to the extent of stalking both her and her fiancé. Mike becomes increasingly desperate to have Susan for himself, with tragic results.

Often very funny, and blessed with pounding Can numbers on the soundtrack, it’s an original and offbeat delight whose mix of eccentricity and gentle social satire have ensured its enduring status as a cult movie. It’s good to have it back in this new digital restoration.

I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone

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The arrival of a new student in school changes everything in Leonardo’s life. This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his long-lasting friend Giovana while trying to figure out the feelings he found out he has for his new friend, Gabriel.