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The Queen is not aroused

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…because if she’d be, she would probably get arrested. You’d think the British government would be kind of busy right now. The war in Syria. The economical disaster that the Brexit will bring. Homeless kids. There are plenty of  important issues to deal with. But alas, these things will have to wait because we have another crisis on our hands: People are having sex! They’re watching porn! They’re masturbating!

That is unacceptable of course but worry not, the Brits are on the case! First point on the agenda will be banning teens from sexting as suggested by health secretary Jeremy Hunt. That should be easy, kids are, after all, known for staying the fuck away from everything they’re not allowed to do. Especially during puberty. Good. The world will be a bit safer once we know the wee ones will jerk off to hardcore porn instead of pictures of classmates!

But wait, porn? Why not ban that as well while we’re at it? Because, actually, adults shouldn’t watch that either. Now you can’t clean the whole internet so instead we’ll shame people watching porn by forcing porn sites to verify the age of all visitors with methods that will let us identify them easily. And if that doesn’t work? Back to banning.

Also, let’s make all that super icky stuff illegal. Let’s ban everything that isn’t the missionary position. After all, only criminals are into such perverted acts as spanking or female ejaculation.

But we’ll have to make sure that people won’t secretly circumvent all these sensible measures. So let’s also store Every. Single. Website. any Brit visits for one year. Well, except when they’re politicians of course, they will be exempt from these spying laws since they’re all honourable, decent humans beings.

And don’t even think about using encryption or other security software to get out of this Orwellian nightmare because the UK will, force tech companies to put in a backdoor for them because they just love fucking their subjects in the butt.

Rule, Britannia! (no jerking off!)

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  • Trump considers architect of torture program to run CIA
  • Shouts of “white power” at school after Trmp election
  • Author of most racist law in modern US history joins Trump
  • Creationist is Trump’s top pick for Secretary of Education
  • Trump campaign seeds racism at schools study finds

The Night is Dark

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Americans elected Donald Trump to be their president for the next four years. These are going to be long, hurtful years for members of the queer community in the United States and other people both in and outside the country.


Trump, a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the Unites States, has made it clear that he wants to assign judges to the Supreme Court that will overturn marriage equality, he supports “religious freedom” laws that allow for the discrimination of gay and transgender people, he promised to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act (“Obamacare”) which ensures that HIV-positive patients can afford their medication and he supports transphobic “bathroom laws”.

His Vice President Mike Pence is in favour of so called conversion therapy to “cure” gay people. Pence also signed a bill that would put gay people in jail for applying for a marriage license.

Hate crimes against both racial and sexual minorities are expected to increase in the wake of the election. Trump’s campaign was also identified as a key inspiration for a new wave of bullying against Muslim children in schools.

Trump’s first decision after his election was to put a climate change denier in charge of his US Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Other posts are expected to be filled almost exclusively with industry lobbyists. On the 28th of November the President-elect will have to testify in his fraud trial.

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Oh Tommen…

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…you sweet, sweet summer child. It sure seems to be the year of leaks. Bieber, Troye, now Dean-Charles Chapman. And much like the character he portrays on Game of Thrones, the British actor seems to occasionally have trouble with his sexual energy clouding his judgement.


The little prince who could. Four times sin a row.

Yesterday a video surfaced that was captured on the video chat site Omegle. It shows the 19-year-old actor having a wank with his cousin (who seems to take more than one close look at Dean) and according to 4chan he confirmed the authenticity of the video on his Instagram account. Take that as you will.


Both the thread and the video are gone by now but let’s all take this as a reminder to use common sense when we sext or get off in front of a webcam. The headache the potential aftermath can cause is rarely worth the few seconds of bliss that orgasm might bring. More importantly though, don’t record people without their consent. Duh.

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Hate Preacher arrested on Charges of Child Molestation

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Many bullies targeting queer kids are actually struggling with their own sexuality, that’s a fact not only well known among high-school students but also a phenomenon we witness over and over again within the church. You could fill a daily blog with the cases of pastors and preachers who had their anti-gay crusade somewhat undermined by the fact that they got caught watching gay porn, paying call boys or, far too often, molesting kids.

Which is why no one seems too surprised about the newest chapter in this history of hypocrisy: Ken Adkins was happy to mock the victims of the terrible massacre in an Orlando gay club earlier this year by tweeting “I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve”. He also fought vigorously  against expanding the Human Rights Ordinance in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, to include LGBTI people.

Now the pastor and conservative political activist has to deal with his own demons as he was arrested Friday morning on charges of child molestation and aggravated child molestation involving a boy under the age of 16. His Twitter account has been set to private since.

Heterosexual Pride Day

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Some people always find a reason to hate and envy you. Even when it’s just because you get one day a year to celebrate yourself, your culture and the overcoming of many struggles. Even when people in your community, to this very day, are at risk of getting bullied into suicide, murdered, thrown into prison because of who they love. Hell, even if they can celebrate every other day of the year as theirs.

It’s not a new sentiment either, the black community for example had to listen to nonsense like “All Lives Matter” in response to their “Black Lives Matter” movement; so it wasn’t much of a surprise when #HetereosexualPrideDay started trending on social media earlier this month. Luckily sane voices were quick to respond…


“Queer Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a Straight Pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.”