Ezra Miller cosplays as sexy Toadette at Comic-Con

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Comic-Con regularly attracts a wealth of talented and dedicated cosplayers for attendees to marvel at, but it’s not just fans who get in on the fun. Celebrities have been known to show up incognito on the exhibition floor, although some are far more open about their love for costuming, like Ezra Miller, who showed up for his third straight Con in an amazing get-up. And this year was his best–and also his sexiest–as he appeared as a very adult Toadette.

While most of the cast of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald  showed up for the film’s panel dressed in normal clothes, Ezra appeared on stage in front of thousands of fans as Toadette from Super Mario Bros. That alone would make for one of the best costumes in San Diego this year, because Toadette is definitely on the more obscure side.

But it’s even more exciting because he upped his getup considerably. Instead of including Toadette’s pink dress, he wore a mushroom head with her pink vest, a scarf with pink balls, and pink fishnet stockings.

German Alt-Rights not allowed to attend Pride, cry a river

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Germany’s biggest far-right party is complaining that Berlin Pride organisers refused to let its youth group have a booth, reports Berliner Zeitung.

The Alternative for Germany party is known for outrageous nationalist rhetoric and drafting unpassable legislation that plays into its base’s sense of victimhood. The youth wing, Junge Alternative, whose leader recently said that Adolf Hitler was mere “bird shit” in over a millennium of otherwise successful German history, applied to have a presence at Berlin’s Pride festivities but was rejected.

David Eckert, the 26-year-old head of the Junge Alternative Berlin chapter, wrote a Facebook post expressing his outrage that his group was not welcome at Berlin’s Christopher Street Day celebration July 28.

Eckert posted an “email exchange” between him and the event organizers who denied the request. In it, Pride leaders told him the festivities needed a “climate of acceptance” that was welcoming to refugees. They also rejected the group because its application came in past the deadline.

“Not every gay person wears vinyl and leather, struts around with a handbag and paints their nails,” Eckert said. He then quoted a poll stating 12 percent of German LGBT voters supported the alt-right party and asked if he could apply for next year’s Pride.

In a dazzling show of cognitive dissonance the party while committed to its anti-immigrant and anti-queer-rights platform, has sought to attract more queer voters. Its current leader, Alice Weidel, is a lesbian. However, during her candidacy, the party threatened to sue the German Parliament for legalising same-sex marriage last year.

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One Size definitely doesn’t fit all (when it comes to Condoms)

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Pasante, one of the largest independent condom manufacturers in the UK, has released a condom sizer card that allows people to slip their boners into differently sized holes, all to determine what size condom will work best for them.

While it’s super important to use condoms that actually fit your penis size, we hope Pasante’s condom sizer card isn’t made solely out of hard cardboard, because sticking your penis into that would hurt.

According to one custom-size condom manufacturer, various condom studies have shown that one-size-fits-all condoms don’t actually fit anywhere from 40–45% of people with penises. Either the condoms are too long, too short, too tight or too loose.

When a condom is too tight it can be difficult to put on quickly and it can uncomfortably constrict the penis, causing pain and reducing blood flow, both of which can lead to a loss of the erection. When a condom is too loose it bunches up near the base, which can reduce sexual stimulation and even run the risk of slipping off during sex.

Often gay folks will use whatever condoms they get for free at the gay bar, or they’ll just buy whatever’s cheapest at the drug store, but it’s a good idea to really examine and experiment to see which ones are going to work best for you.

A few years ago extra small condoms for teens between 12 and 14 went on sale in Switzerland. Called the Hotshot, the condom has been produced after government research showed that teenagers did not use sufficient protection when having sex.

Still Smiling

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The victim of a homophobic attack in Neilston, Scotland has gone viral after posting a picture of his grinning, bloody face on social media. Blair Wilson’s Facebook post got thousands of reactions since he made it last Friday.

The 21-year-old said he was on his way home from his mum’s house, walking in the town’s Main Street, when a man called him a “faggot”. Blair said he confronted the man over his language and was then physically attacked, leaving him with a cut across his nose and blood on his face and shirt.

He managed to get away and took a selfie, grinning through his injuries, posting it to Facebook, letting his friends and family know what had happened. He said he had never experienced physical violence as a result of his sexuality and was shocked it had happened in his hometown.

“I knew, as soon as it happened, that I could either keep quiet and feel embarrassed about it or I could shame him over Facebook. As soon as I posted it, even though my nose was still bleeding, I didn’t care.” His post soon accrued over 2,000 likes and dozens of comments expressing concern and support.

Blair said: “It’s amazing. I’ve heard from so many people I haven’t spoken to in ages and people I don’t even know telling me I’m an inspiration and stuff. It’s made me feel so good about myself.

“I did use some choice words in the post, but the message I wanted to get across is you need to stick up for yourself. Maybe don’t go getting yourself hurt, but show them you have friends, you are loved. I think some people think because you are a different sexuality from them you have no friends and everyone is in the same mindset of them, when the reality is they’re the minority. You can prove to them you’re much more loved than they will ever be if they live a life of hate.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed that they had received a report about the incident and enquiries are ongoing.

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Christians upset over Drag Cartoon

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The Christian Film and Television Commission is demanding Netflix cancel plans for an upcoming drag queen superhero cartoon called Super Drags, saying the show is “driven by a politically correct transvestite agenda.” Netflix, predictably, hasn’t deigned to acknowledge the ridiculousness.

A petition started by the group asks supporters, “Netflix offers wholesome shows like ‘Clifford, the Big Red Dog’ and even ‘VeggieTales.’ But do we really want our children to sit down to watch a fun new superhero cartoon series and instead have them lose their innocence to sexual wickedness?”

At time of publication, over 26,000 people had signed the petition. The group also strangely insinuates that the company is forcing employees to create the series against their will:

“Netflix has taken the skill sets of those who create wholesome, educational content for children and has inserted the homosexual agenda into their content,” the would-be censors claim.

Netflix hasn’t released many details on the show beyond a brief trailer and the characters’ names. The show revolves around a trio of harried department store clerks who transform into drag queens Lemon Chiffon, Cran’s Sapphire and Crimson Scarlet “ready to combat shade and rescue the world’s glitter from the evil villains.”

UK wants to ban “Gay Conversion”

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The British government has released an LGBT action plan that seeks to ban conversion therapy. The initiative, released during Pride Week in London, pledged to consider “legislative and non-legislative options to prohibit promoting, offering or conducting conversion therapy,” the harmful and debunked practice of trying to turn gay, lesbian, and bisexual people straight.

“These activities are wrong, and we are not willing to let them continue,” the plan stated, adding, “Our intent is [to] protect people who are vulnerable to harm or violence, whether that occurs in a medical, commercial or faith-based context.”

The action plan was released in response to a 2017 survey of over 108,000 LGBT  people in the United Kingdom — the world’s largest national poll of its kind. The survey found that 2 percent of respondents had undergone conversion therapy and 5 percent had been offered it.

In addition to the findings on conversion therapy, the results showed that queer British people still experienced significant discrimination, stigma, and violence. For example, 40 percent of respondents said they had experienced hate incidents with a person they did not live with in the 12 months preceding the survey. Workplace discrimination is also common — 71 percent said they experienced a negative incident at work in the past year.

In both cases, most respondents did not report these incidents because they believed no change would happen. And in a testament to enduring stigma, two-thirds said they were afraid to hold hands with their partner for fear of a negative reaction from the public.

“No one should ever have to hide who they are or who they love,” said British Prime Minister Theresa May in a statement, reports CNN. “This LGBT action plan will set out concrete steps to deliver real and lasting change across society, from health and education to tackling discrimination and addressing the burning injustices that LGBT people face.”

To tackle these “burning injustices,” the British government has created an “LGBT Implementation Fund” of £4.5 million, which will be used to address the findings of the survey. You can read the results of the survey and the responsive LGBT action plan here.

Mother charged with Murder of Boy who came out as gay

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The mother of Anthony Avalos, a 10-year-old who reportedly came out as gay shortly before he died, was charged today with his murder.

The arrest of Heather Barron, 28, of Lancaster, California, came two days after her boyfriend, Kareem Leiva, was taken into custody. Barron is charged with murder, child abuse resulting in death, and torture, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida told the Los Angeles Times. Leiva is charged with murder, torture, and assault on a child causing death, the Times reports.

Avalos, who had recently told a social worker he “liked boys,” was unconscious and not breathing when paramedics were called to the family’s apartment June 20. He had obviously suffered severe injuries, but Barron said they were the result of a fall. He died the next day.

The Department of Children and Family Services had received numerous reports about abuse of Avalos and his siblings. “Callers, who included family members, school administrators, a teacher and a counselor, said that Anthony and his six siblings had been denied food and water, beaten, sexually abused, dangled upside-down from a staircase, forced to crouch for hours, locked in small spaces with no access to the bathroom, and forced to eat from the trash,” the Times reports.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has called for an investigation into the handling of Avalos’s case by DCFS and law enforcement. The other children — an earlier report gave the number as eight — have now been removed from the home and are in DCFS custody.

Police have declined to say whether homophobia was a motive in the child’s death. Family members have said Leiva was uncomfortable with gay men, and caseworkers have said he was a member of the MS-13 gang, which is known to be homophobic.

It was only five years ago that another boy, 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez, was killed by his mother and her boyfriend in nearby Palmdale, California. Evidence pointed to the fact that the boyfriend hated the child because he thought he was gay.

Pro Soccer Player Comes Out

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Hours before the pro-soccer team Minnesota United played their Pride Night game against FC Dallas, midfielder Collin Martin came out in a tweet. Thanks to the gay soccer player coming out, the total number of out professional sports players in the United States is now — drum roll, please — one. Collin Martin wrote a brief coming out essay, describing the kindness he’s received from his teammates.

Collin Martin is only the second openly gay soccer player in MLS history. The first was Robbie Rogers who came out in 2013. But Rogers retired last year. Until Martin came out today, there were zero openly gay professional athletes currently playing on American teams.

Happily, Collin Martin received an outpouring of support on his tweet. Robbie Rogers himself even tweeted, writing “Love this! So so inspiring thank you Colin! Good luck this season, except against [Rogers’ former team] the Los Angeles Galaxy.” Other teams, including TorontoOrlandoSan Jose and Martin’s former team D.C. United also sent their support.

Homophobia in pro-sports has long discouraged for LGBTQ athletes from ever coming out. In fact, most recently the National Football League (NFL) was accused of asking recruits if they are gay, a question that reveals the league’s poor understanding of homophobia, even if such questions are technically legal to ask.