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Parents who try to change their child’s sexual orientation increase suicide risk dramatically

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A new study on the practice of attempting to a forcefully change the sexual orientation of queer kids and young adults, known as “ex-gay conversion therapy,” has proven it to be highly dangerous to the youth it is being pushed upon. The study, published by the Journal of Homosexuality, showed that when a parent attempted to change their queer child’s orientation, they double the chance of attempted suicide compared to those who did not undergo the practice.

What’s more, suicide attempts triple if the therapy goes beyond just the parents and therapists or religious leaders are brought in. The same is seen when it comes to depression, with it being more than twice as likely to manifest in those whose parents attempt to convert their child, and more than tripled if the parents include an outsider in the process. These can also have effect on the socioeconomic status of young adults subjected to the treatment, as well as impacts on their self-esteem, availability of social support, and education.

“Although parents and religious leaders who try to change a child’s LGBT identity may be motivated by attempts to ‘protect’ their children, these rejecting behaviors instead undermine an LGBT child’s sense of self-worth, contribute to self-destructive behaviors that significantly increase risk and inhibit self-care which includes constricting their ability to make a living,” said lead author, Dr. Caitlin Ryan.

The study, titled “Parent-Initiated Sexual Orientation Change Efforts with LGBT Adolescents: Implications for Young Adult Mental Health and Adjustment,” shows that more than half of queer Caucasian and Latinx young adults have faced such efforts, with more than half of those having to deal with it from parents as well as therapists and religious leaders.

Scotland to introduce world first queer curriculum in schools

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Scottish ids in are about to get some new lessons about queer people and historical events. Scotland has become the first country to mandate LGBTQ-centred curriculum be taught in its schools. Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney told parliament that the new education initiative will start immediately.

Schools will “teach themes like queer terminology and identities, tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, prejudice in relation to the queer community and promoting awareness of the history of queer equalities and movements.”

“Scotland is already considered one of the most progressive countries in Europe for queer equality,” Swinney said in a press statement. “I am delighted to announce we will be the first country in the world to have LGBTI inclusive education embedded within the curriculum. Our education system must support everyone to reach their full potential. That is why it is vital the curriculum is as diverse as the young people who learn in our schools.”

The Scottish government launched an LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group before making the decision. The group reported back with 33 recommendations and the government has said they will implement them all.

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  • Average penis size in America is smaller than expected:
    Food & Drug Administration approves smaller condoms
  • Report: UN’s global ‘war on drugs’ has been a failure
  • Billionaires are the leading cause of climate change
  • Hundreds of police officers in the United States were
    charged with more than 400 rapes over the last 9 years

People lie about their age on hookup & dating apps. A lot.

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Age is just a number… or is it?

A survey that found that a whole lot of people are lying about their age on dating apps. Over 3,000 people participated in the survey and one out of four respondents admitted they had lied about their age at least once while chatting with a potential new hookup. Among those people who say they’ve been dishonest on their quests to get laid:

  • 12% never or rarely lie about their age.
  • 13% sometimes or often lie.
  • 35% always lie.

When it comes to going on dates, the numbers aren’t terribly different:

  • 6% never or rarely lie about their age.
  • 10.5% sometimes or often lie.
  • 39% always lie.

So why all the lying? The answer is pretty simple: Ageism. When asked about ageism, 60% of respondents said their experience of dating was “totally” ageist, compared to 16% who said the scene was a “little” ageist, and 6% who said it was “maybe” ageist. Many respondents also expressed fear about getting older. 31% said they were terrified about losing their looks, while 42% said they worried about losing their partner or loved ones.

Trump’s terrifying new policy to eliminate transgender rights

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The Trump administration is considering legally defining gender as based on biological sex at birth, The New York Times reported Sunday, in a move that could effectively reverse transgender rights put into place under Barack Obama.

A draft memo, written by the Department of Health and Human Services last spring and obtained by the Times, argues that the government needs to have a uniform definition of gender. “Sex means a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth,” the memo says. “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

The new definition would essentially eradicate federal recognition of the estimated 1.4 million Americans who have opted to recognise themselves — surgically or otherwise — as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.

“This takes a position that what the medical community understands about their patients — what people understand about themselves — is irrelevant because the government disagrees,” said Catherine E. Lhamon, who led the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights in the Obama administration and helped write transgender guidance that is being undone.

It’s not the first time the White House has sought to roll back gains for transgender people that occurred during the previous administration. Last year, the Trump administration moved to ban transgender people from serving in the military and challenged transgender civil rights protections under existing health care law. According to the Times, multiple agencies have since withdrawn Obama-era policies that recognised gender identity.

Earlier this year a new study found that trans people are likely genetically different from people who aren’t trans.

RIP the gender binary

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More and more young people are rejecting the binary and embracing an identity that falls outside traditional gender norms, says new figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

According to research, the number of students who declared their gender as “other” on university forms has more than doubled in the past year. In the past 12 months, in fact, more than 800 students in the UK declined to categorise themselves under the traditional terms of “man” or “woman”, compared to just 395 in the year previous.

King’s College London was among the highest tallies of gender non-conforming students, with other creative institutions such as Glasgow School of Art and Courtauld Institute of Art not far behind. However, the 830 students who prefer to identify as a third, other gender come from a wide cross-section of British universities, with a concentration of the data coming from Strathclyde and Salford too.

The move away from the gender binary is not just confined to university students either. In the past years things which were considered strictly “feminine” — like make-up — are being reclaimed by a generation sick of traditional gender norms. Clothes have followed suit, with an increasingly number of luxury fashion houses offering gender neutral collections rather than the traditional menswear and womenswear.

Those choices are reflected in the day to day lives of queer teenagers, whose sexuality and gender identity are finally becoming less ‘othered’ and more accepted. The change has been welcomed by students both non-binary and cis-gender, and by university staff. Anthony Grayling, who works at New College of the Humanities, told The Times: “People should be completely free to let others know how they like to be thought of and addressed.

“It’s a phenomenon very widespread among people of university age and this is an important time for them to think about who and what they are. They are experimenting with their identity and the important thing is they should be completely free to do that.”

Self-lubricating condoms for more pleasure, fewer infections

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The researchers tested the friction that resulted when rubbing the polymer-coated latex over a surface resembling skin for around 15 minutes. After this time, the polymer-coated latex generated approximately half the friction compared with standard latex which had been lubricated with water. Non-treated latex with a commercially available lubricant performed better at first, but after the 15-minute test period was still not as effective as the newly developed polymer-coated latex. The new material additionally scored well when people were asked to rate its slipperiness. A massive 85 percent of test participants described it as more slippery than the non-treated latex with added lubricant.

“The next steps include manufacturing the condom under [good manufacturing practices] and conducting a marketing study with couples,” Grinstaff said. “One of the authors on the paper, Dr. Stacy Chin, has started a company, [Hydroglyde Coatings], to develop a self-lubricating condom. In fact, she has a new formulation that performs even better.”

The paper describing the work, “Friction-lowering capabilities and human subject preferences for a hydrophilic surface coating on latex substrates,” was recently published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

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