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Killer examines an old wives’ tale about masturbation and pushes it over the edge in this masterfully cringe-worthy coming-of-age dramedy.

Dusty is a young boy wishing for puberty and some body hair so he can finally wear deodorant. The school bully, who already sports a moustache, torments him endlessly but there’s nothing Dusty can do about it… until maybe there is. It all begins one day at his friend’s house when the subject of sex arises. Dusty’s curiosity is piqued and soon he tries to masturbate for the first time, but it comes with significant unintended consequences.

Love Stage!!

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Love Stage!! is the story of Izumi, an aspiring manga artist otaku who couldn’t be more different from his family. His mother is a world-famous actress, his father a singer, and his brother a boy-band teenage heartthrob. While he has been able to stay out of the celebrity spotlight for years, Izumi is drawn back in to do a follow-up commercial to one he starred in with the rest of his family when he was a child.

There are two problems, however. One is that in the original commercial he was dressed as a girl—and will thus be expected to dress as a woman again in the follow-up. The other is that Ryoma, the boy who acted opposite him in the original (who has since become TV’s most popular actor), is head over heels in love with the “girl” he met back then.

With this set-up, it’s pretty easy to see where a romantic comedy like this is going to go, but that rarely makes it any less hilarious. What starts as a mistaken gender comedy soon leads to Ryoma questioning his heterosexuality and later attempting to pursue a relationship with Izumi regardless.

Of course, much of the comedy comes from the fact that, beyond the gender and sexuality issues, the two are very different people. Ryoma is an outgoing, professional actor and a responsible individual, while Izumi is a hardcore otaku and a near shut-in. Watching them interact, especially with Ryoma having no idea how to win an otaku heart, always makes for a good-natured laugh.

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Love, Simon goes TV

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If you enjoyed Love, Simon you’ll be happy to hear that Disney is turning the film into a TV series. Love, Simon became a surprise success last year and marked the first major Hollywood production to cover the coming out and romantic life of a gay teen.

Disney picked up the rights to the film as part of the acquisition of Fox Studios and intends to develop it into a TV series for the company’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service. The original writers of the film will oversee the show’s development.

While there aren’t many details known yet, it’s unlikely that any of the stars of the film will participate, due in part to further film commitments. Nick Robinson remains attached to the Jurassic World franchise, while co-star Alexandra Shipp has gained notoriety as Storm in the X-Men film series.

33 Teeth

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Eddie is a hormonal 14-year-old boy living alone with his mother in the suburbs. One day after school, he accidentally spies on his neighbour, Chad, stepping out of the shower and measuring his dick with a comb.

Nar_C by Holland

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K-pop singer Holland released a new song, with a heartbreaking music video. The 22-year-old from Seoul is making waves as one of the first people to come out as gay within the Korean pop music industry and debuting last year.

Holland released Nar_C as his first single of 2019 last week, featuring a tumultuous same-sex romance. Before the single release, he shared a teaser image that explained the story of the video: A gay couple are together for two years and living together for one, until it all crumbles.

‘Sensitive and delicate Holland,’ he stated. ‘Spontaneous and impulsive Jaeseok.’ He then added: ‘As time went by, they got used to each other, would get into fights over things. After fighting, Jaeseok would always bring a yellow daffodil as an apology. One day, they had a big argument over a small issue. They could not contain their emotions. Jaeseok left. Holland was left at home by himself. Sometimes he opens the door but Jaeseok never comes back. Holland goes outside holding a yellow daffodil’


A closeted teen fights a horny succubus in horror comedy “Porno”

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A common trope in horror films is that the sluts die first. But Keola Racela’s new comedic horror movie Porno turns that rule on its head by featuring five sexually repressed cinema employees who are bedevilled by a celluloid succubus brought to life by a cursed film reel.

Among the employees, there’s Chastity, the assistant manager who pines for Ricky, the boy-next-door baseball player; Abe and Todd, two horny local peeping Toms; and “Heavy Metal Todd,” the ornery projectionist who’s also a recovering addict.

They live in a small, conservative Christian town in 1992 where sex is not just looked down upon but preached against. The boss, Mr. Pike, forces them to pray as a group each day before work, and their cinema doesn’t show anything racier than Encino Man and A League of Their Own.

When a raving lunatic breaks through a barricaded secret doorway in the cinema, the employees realise their building also houses an old adult theatre that once played films like, ’10 Foot Hole, 10 Foot Pole.’ And in its storage room rests a film canister for a darkly erotic “art film.” Most of the employees feel tempted to watch, but a demonic ritual within the film awakens a succubus which hunts each employee, using their own lustful desires against them.

Here, Porno treads unique territory by exploring the consequences of sexual repression. On one hand, the employees are wholesome and good-natured, on the other, their repressed upbringing makes the succubus’ offers of sex and pleasure all the more alluring. They’re all in a for a rude sexual awakening with jaw-dropping gross-out humour involving bloody underwear, ritualistic knife play and gallons of vomit.

The film also features a closeted gay character who gets treated respectfully and even shines in their own bravely sexual moment. But as the succubus continues tormenting the employees, each must decide whether forbidden fruit is worth losing their soul over.