Dear Supporters

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I decided that I’ll use the opportunity of the new NSFW blog I’m working on to give all milkboys supporters a little treat. While most of the content will be available to everyone, there will be some special posts every now and then that will be exclusive to past and future supporters.

If you’re a milkboys Patreon or donated on GoFundMe, I’ll get in touch with you soon about account details. So please make sure that your Patreon e-mail address is up-to-date. If you used an address for a GoFundMe donation that is now outdated, please drop me a message here.

Thank you! <3

More Milk, More Boys

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Recently there were some somewhat controversial discussions about the question if porn belongs onto milkboys and how, if at all, it should be presented.

Personally I’d love to normalise porn. Almost everyone is looking at it on a regular basis, yet we act like it’s something shameful that needs to be hidden. I realise though that some people use this site in an environment that might not appreciate such an approach (schools, unis, work etc.).

So instead of making a this or that choice, why not do both? I’d like to start a second blog that focuses on the “naughty” side of things. milkboys will still feature bare skin from time to time, especially in an artistic or non-sexual context (e.g. Skyclad Saturday) but the more explicit stuff will go onto the new site.

That way people who don’t appreciate being greeted by a hard dick can avoid just that while the folks who don’t mind seeing naked twinks doing twinkstuff get even more such content on the new site.

I’ll start setting up the new site within the next few days. I’ll use this opportunity to move some stuff for this blog around so there might be some downtimes, just so you know why you might be seeing the infamous Account Suspended page during the coming days ;)

As always, thanks for your support & stay fabulous! <3

I’m sick

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This is going to be a pretty long & very personal post. I understand that many people come here for entertainment and have enough bad stuff going on in their life and I don’t want to add to that burden so consider this a content warning ;) 

I’m sick a lot. I noticed that but didn’t think too much of it since, other than some pretty regular allergy attacks (which I know now weren’t exactly an allergy), it just seemed to be normal, random colds & flus.

It became an issue over the last year or so because it started to have a noticeable impact on my ability to handle life.

I would drag myself to work, come home and be all done and tired after being awake for barely 12 hours just to go to bed and wake up almost on an hourly basis because my whole body is hurting. Getting even simple things done (like grocery shopping, doing the laundry etc) became a daunting task because I could just not muster the energy some days, my body would just not let me.

current level of energy…

In a way I’m really happy that I know now what the issue is because it means I can start fixing it. The prospect is also scary tho (more on that later).

So, the doctor I went to about my last “allergy” attack made some extra tests and he seems to think I have an issue that affects my immune system. It’s not very common which explains why it wasn’t found before, especially because the symptoms themselves aren’t out of the ordinary for less serious issues (symptoms of having a cold, very sensitive skin, having no energy etc).

I don’t really want to get into too many details because to be quite honest with you, I always feel embarrassed talking about being ill/having issues with my body. I don’t know why that is, I know it’s silly but it actually takes a significant amount of “fuck it” for me to even admit in public that there’s something wrong with me.

To get that out of the way tho: While my doctor said that it’s a serious issue, it’s certainly not life-threatening. This is not a “Shit, I might die” post ;)

But! This illness had a huge negative impact on my life and I’m eager to start fixing it. The easy part here is medicine. The harder one that my doctor was very clear that I should, well, basically take extremely good care of myself because my body needs an absolute no-stress phase for a while. He strongly suggested that I stay home and that’s the issue:

As some of you know I was in the process of starting a new job a friend organised for me in his company. I spoke to him today and luckily he was extremely understanding and offered me to start at a later date (in June, so about three months from now), at which point I hopefully will be a lot better if the medicine works as expected.

I’m not quite sure what to do until then financially tho. You guys were so incredibly generous before when I struggled with life in way less serious ways. I don’t want you to think that asking you to do that one more time is like a default for me now, an easy way out so I don’t have to lie awake at night and worry about solving it like most other people have to.

I sat down and looked at my essential monthly costs (rent, water, heating, utility, food, internet and so on and thought about what I can do without (like for example, I can probably live without phone for a while, stuff like that) and then multiplied the costs by three (for three months) and made that my GoFundMe goal. I’m so annoyed at myself for this because I know what that makes me look like, how I come across.

donation link :( 

I will look into other ways of supporting myself during that time though and adjust the goal accordingly to keep it as low as possible. If you happen to be financially worry-free I’m be eternally grateful for your support, as ashamed as I am about it.

That being said, this will be the last time I do this. I will have a job in a few months and it’s about time that I stand on my own feet and I’m optimistic that once I get there, I’ll be able to.

I’ll take care of milkboys during this time since this is something I can do from home and that doesn’t require anything stressful. I actually, and that’s a small silver line, will have more time for it than usual and the site deserves a bit more attention than I gave it recently anyway.

I’ll keep you updated about everything else as it happens. Thanks for reading, you have no idea how much it means and pushes me that some people out there actually care about me even tho we never met. Love you!


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I don’t know if you ever tried having an allergy attack and a cold from hell at the same time. Well, you don’t have to anymore because I did it for you and I can definitely not recommend the experience.

Just letting you know in case you’re wondering why the posting schedule is a bit erratic at the moment. I’ll also try to get on the mails/rewards for the donors from earlier this month as soon as I can feel my head again. Not forgetting any of you, no worries. Now excuse me while I drown myself in tea 🤒

Twenty Seventeen

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The year is almost over and I thought I’d write down a few quick, assorted musings before we head into a new year full of queer adventures.

🌸 This year, like most I guess, was a bit of a bumpy one for me personally. It seems only fitting that I’m writing this while sniffing and coughing thanks to the annual cold wave from hell ;)

I can’t even imagine how it would have played out without your help though. From moral to financial support you kept me going and I’m incredibly thankful for that. I’d like to especially thank the amazing people who helped me kick-start my move to another city even though it has nothing to do with the blog. I’m far from being worry-free financially but without you… I don’t even want to think about it. Thank you! <3

🌸 I was super pleased to see that, over the last few weeks, the traffic to the blog has picked up quite a bit. I mentioned before how blogs aren’t quite en vogue anymore, how many people barely leave their bubble of Facebook plus the odd one or two other sites anymore. So it makes me extra happy and proud that, right now, we’re having more daily visitors than we had for the last two years!

🌸 We started a new milkboys community on Discord this year. We’re currently at about 1,800 members and what I think is a healthy level of activity. Moderating such a community is not always easy so thank you to our mods who sacrifice their free time to keep the place in order :)

🌸 I have been experimenting with some different content on the blog lately and I’d love to hear what you think! If you got a minute to leave a comment below and let me know what kind of content you like to see more of and what stuff you’d rather see less often or not at all, I’d appreciate it!

🌸 So, ten years of milkboys, hey? Which means the blog is about to hit puberty if you will ;) I have a nice project planned  for next year that is related to this blog but more about that later! For now enjoy the holidays and thank you so, so much for sticking with this place! <3


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Quick reminder that you should follow milkboys on Twitter 💙 Not only is it the best way to make sure you don’t miss any posts, you’ll also get some bonus cuties, queer news bites, links to interesting articles and so on!

Quick Personal Update

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Gonna keep this short: I’m super duper sick at the moment and can’t move much/do anything that requires any kind of energy–hence the lack of posts. I’ll try to make some as soon as possible so please don’t stop coming here <3

Fresh Milk (Updates)

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If you follow us on Twitter or Patreon you probably know most of this by now but let’s catch up real quick with what’s new for everyone else.

The Server

I’m talking to someone who offered to help out with the hosting situation right now so this was hopefully the last time the site went down. They’re an actual, professional hoster so while it won’t be free, it will be cheaper than it is right now and we can still rely on professional maintenance of the server and not worry about getting kicked off all of sudden without any warning.

The Chat

I have connected our Patreon campaign to our chat. So you can now connect your personal Patreon account with your Discord account. That way you get a special user role in the chat that comes with some perks (among other things access to special channels like the behind the scenes blog, the details can be found on the campaign page).

We also added some new channels to the chat. #introductions is the place for you to tell the world how amazingly interesting you are (or just share your dick size, whatever floats your goats). And #homework is there to help you get through school, uni or whatever else is throwing disgusting algebra at you.

So next time you’re bored or just want to pick some flowers just go and check out the chat, it’s a pretty sweet place with loads of nice people. And Blue.

The Quest

Talking about the chat: One of our resident catboys, which you probably remember from Cute Caturday *9, is thinking about applying for a role as an actor with our friends over at Helix Studios. So if you want to let him know that you support that endeavour, head over to this post on his Tumblr and like it ;)

Video submitted by Denis, photo by F0rever Unde4d and kitten edit by kzone


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The Patreon campaign is off to a good start but, in combination with me being short on money at the moment, not yet at a point where it can cover the server costs on its own (after fees it paid out €66 this month).

That means that the site will likely be unavailable again for two or three weeks starting tomorrow. I know that’s annoying, trust me, no one is more frustrated about this than me. I’ll try whatever I can to get it back online as soon as possible.

PS for Patreon supporters: Mails about your rewards went out last week, please let me know if you didn’t receive yours. The private blog is ready but with the upcoming downtime I’ll look into hosting it somewhere else, I’ll be in touch about your log-in credentials asap.


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Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, I’m fighting a pretty pesky cold for about two weeks now (as you can tell by my constant coughing if you spent any amount of time in a Discord voice chat with me lately). I’ll try to get back to a normal schedule of at least 1-2 posts per day asap.

Have some cute stuff in the meantime.