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  1. Vintage! I think I have seen these pictures before, or maybe there was a book with similar kids from the same era and area.

    Funny indeed how several of these skaters stick their tongue out, I hope the dark-haired one, Kevin I guess, still has one today…

  2. If you like skateboarders/skateboarding, an interesting movie might catch your interest: Lords Of Dogtown (2005)

    This was my introduction to Emile Hirsch — who’s hot enough himself [well, was at those ages]. Oh, yeah, he was 20 yrs old for this movie — for those with concerns about ages and hot guys (that I was blamed for when mentioning the talent of a particular young actor).

  3. I recall that one of more of one of those groups did nude photo shoots. Don’t remember just who, etc but it is to be expected

  4. I have no idea of when these photos were taken, but the style of their shorts (along with their longer hair styles) look just like the late-60s, 70s, 80s before the ugly, baggy board-shorts (and other longer versions) became any “style.”

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