Canada says Sorry

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Earlier this week Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took steps to mend the nation’s fractured relationship with its own queer community.

In the House of Commons, he issued a lengthy, formal apology to gay Canadians who’d been fired from their jobs and the military during the Cold War. Trudeau, who teared up as he spoke, also proposed a bill that would let courts expunge the records of people charged with crimes due to their sexuality and urged modern Canada to adopt “forward-thinking and progressive” ideals. At the same time, he said the nation must not forget its past.

After his speech Trudeau was criticised for allegedly pushing the ominous “gay agenda” on kids by addressing them directly in his apology.

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    1. Given how much protests he got from the people in the hall and from the political and media class it sure was a brave thing he did there. He always does the right thing even if it costs him. :)

  1. I had to go to the ‘original’ YouTube channel to download this [easily] and when I did and read just the first screenful of comments, I find it hard to believe that there were so many (over 95%) negative comments towards Trudeau and the idea of this necessary apology.

    It was clear to see that it seems the majority of Canada is just as fucking brainwashed as in America against the LGBT people …. because of “religion.” [I’m truly hoping I’m wrong about this.]

    1. Are you really judging a country by the youtube comments? How rational is that?

      Look, almost nobody under 30 in Canada regularly goes to church, to the point that it is kinda weird. We’re far far less religious than the states.

      Excuse me while we publicly apologize to LGBT people, and legalize marijuana :P.

  2. I wonder, what are the infinitesimal chances that the U.S. Government would ever give an apology (at the very least) to American citizens at large in such a thoughtful and eloquent way?

  3. Canada enjoyed some self-government since 1848, but foreign and defense policies remained with London until after WW1. The Statute of Westminster in 1931 made Canada an equal nation with the mother country, but full sovereignty did not occur until 1982 with the Patriation of the Canadian Constitution. Queen Elizabeth II, Dei Gratia Regina Britannia, Pontifex Maximus, Fidei Defensor is still Queen of Canada and Head of State.

    Given the almost Siamese Twin nature of Canada’s political and social relationship with the UK, and given the UK’s almost psychotic attitude towards homosexuality, even to persecuting Alan Turing who did more to win WW2 than almost any other Briton, perhaps Trudeau’s apology should be followed (indeed it should have been preceded) by P.M. May.

    History is chock full of man’s inhumanity to mam – it happened in all ages, among all peoples, and it happens still today. It would be impossible for everybody to take a tearful timeout to apologize to everyone for everything. Still, this was well done, and the money will come in handy.

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