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  1. Cute and nice tummy. But only 15 seconds? Pshaw ….. at least do it right and give us 2+ minutes … and preferably with your shirt completely off — and of course do the moves so we can see your nice pits too.

    He’s never going to get any “awards” for only 15 seconds!

  2. My gosh… usually I would rant about how music nowadays (that is, basically since shortly after WWII) is all about good looks and musical talent doesn’t matter in the entertaining music sector – but fuck that, he is freakin’ perfect! 😍 He even gets away with not knowing the lyrics at all… my god, that kid can move his tummy…

    Gonna take a cold shower now. Because it is still sooo hot outside…

  3. I agree with PINBOY. Plus he good do it with his pants lower and one from behind with no pants.

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