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Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, I’m fighting a pretty pesky cold for about two weeks now (as you can tell by my constant coughing if you spent any amount of time in a Discord voice chat with me lately). I’ll try to get back to a normal schedule of at least 1-2 posts per day asap.

Have some cute stuff in the meantime.


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    1. Ya, super cute. Especially in that picture, he looks younger there (I’d guess 13, but he’s apparently as old as 17, though then it might be that it’s an old picture).

  1. Josh- hope you feel better soon.
    Devil- thanks for the link! He’s definitely a cutie. :)

  2. The “cute stuff” link is cute indeed. [But no volume control?] Thanks. I remember doing that with my previous boyfriends. But I’ll admit, it’s cuter with TWO Asians doing it.

  3. Josh! Just get better. We Love Ya Bro!
    Yeah. He is kinda cute. lol He looks like a young Lief Garrett

  4. I want that hair. if he refuses me I will have to send out the Red Bird Fly-By-Nights to pluck it all off him. They are nasty things but will do as I tell them as long as I feed them. World Wide Red Bird Fly-By-Nights. There are the BLOOD BATS but they are another story. Refuse the one, get the other. Give me you and give me your hair. MMmmFFff. 🍸😈♥♂ oh … :-)

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