Brazil’s president wants to make sure schools won’t mention homosexuality or feminism

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Brazil’s fascist President Jair Bolsonaro is fulfilling his campaign promise to oust the “Left” from Brazilian life by taking his anti-leftist ideological war to classrooms and universities, “causing angst among teachers and education officials who say the government wants to fight an enemy that doesn’t exist” according The Albuquerque Journal.

“Bolsonaro and top officials have announced plans to revise textbooks to excise references to feminism, homosexuality and violence against women, say the military will take over some public schools and frequently bash Paulo Freire, one of Brazil’s most famous educators, whose ideas had worldwide influence,” the AJ continued.

In January, following Bolsonaro’s inauguration, the country’s Education Ministry reportedly dismantled its diversity department and provided textbook publishers with new guidelines, eliminating any and all references to topics like feminism, gender, transgender, and homosexuality.

Bolsonaro, who once declared, “I’m homophobic, with pride”, pledged to review the content of the country’s national high school exam to remove questions he finds “corrupting the youth” according to The Independent. He made the announcement in a YouTube video after seeing a question from last year’s exam on a “secret dialect used by gays and transvestites” called Pajuba, which mixes Portuguese and West African languages. It is mostly used in Afro-Brazilian religions but has also been adopted by the Brazilian LGBT community.”

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  1. How much ya wanna bet Bolsonaro is a closet queer? His rabid homophobia sure fits the mold. As the Bard would say, “methinks he complaineth too much.”

    1. You beat me to it. I was wondering how long it is before he is caught in flagrant delicious with a rent boy.

      Then I realised the boy will be murdered

  2. Yes, homophobia is often the anthem of the closeted. Here in the US we have a vice president who undoubtedly fits that category.

  3. A LOT of what he is doing/intends to do is EXACTLY what the lunatic far-right religious want to do (and have done in certain locales) in America.

    This is what the religious “live for” — to destroy anyone and thing that gets in their way of power and wealth.

    1. Yes, calling an actual fascist a fascist obviously makes you just as bad as him. What a moronic argument.

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