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  1. He’s cute, but if he’s going to promote himself as a “living ken doll” he should at least get his hair cut to resemble one.

    There’s another guy that promotes himself as the same thing (I can’t remember if he’s in the US or UK) that’s had a ton of plastic surgery to look like one… of course, he also looks like a freak and his personality isn’t much better based on the couple of interviews I’ve seen.

    1. “and his personality isn’t much better”

      How much personality can you get from a doll, anyway? :-)

  2. 😘Both him and his little puppy are cute!
    ~Screw his looking like Ken I’ll take that long blonde hair anytime even if he’s more Barbie looking than Ken!

  3. I don’t speak Russian but I don’t think the google cc with english translation is accurate, good for a laugh though.

  4. Nothing inadequate about his package; I’m sure he doesn’t get any complaints. Big dicks are visually and tactilely stimulating, but orally and anally challenging. Bottom line – they’re all good, I adapt accordingly.

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